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RIP Satoru Iwata

sadly Satoru Iwata has passed away at the age of 55 due to cancer well known for spearheading the transformation of Nintendo and bringing it to prominence since becoming president of the company in 2002 Satoru Iwata was able to […]

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Review

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is in a unique position, that is being spin off game of a spin off series. With that said one wouldn’t expect much from it as most spin offs in the modern game industry […]

Nintendo, the End of the WII U?

Nintendo, the End of the WII U? So a Few days a ago EA announced that it would not be releasing future titles for the Wii U and it would only be concentrating on consoles which it sees as profitable. […]

Nintendo's Comic-Con 2012 Lineup

At this year’s Comic-Con Nintendo is planning to show off a handful of 3DS, DS and Wii games. Along with the games they plan to show the new design of the 3DS, the 3DS XL, to the public 3DS Lineup: […]