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Forum is Back Online the forum is back online and users are able to connect by facebook and twitter

Splinter Cell Conviction

Splinter Cell Conviction In brief the story is about a Sam Fisher who was suppose to be retired being brought back into the world of assassinations and power play after finding out this his daughter whom he thought was dead […]

Halo Reach Beta

Halo Reach Beta Before I start this review I will have to admit I was sceptical about Halo Reach as I was very disappointed in Halo ODST but after playing the Beta of Halo Reach I am pretty much impressed […]

Press pass approved

Great News, for 2010 GamingRev has been given a press pass for Euro Gamers 2010. So when October hits we will be getting you some great exclusives, we will also be giving you the opportunity to get your say in […]

Euro Gamers 2010

Euro Gamers Is just around the corner which means Exclusive content, As usual we will be trying our best to get Press passes but worry not if we fail at acquiring them. we will still get some good exclusives on […]


Eve Online After playing eve online for over year I thought to my self why not write an article on it and share my experience of the Game. Eve its self is made up of four different races ¬†where players […]

Final Fantasy 13

Final Fantasy 13 Released 09/03/2010 Final fantasy 13 was the most hyped and anticipated Game in 2010 selling more than 4Million copies worldwide. Unlike previous Final Fantasy Games which were just solely for the Sony Playstion, final Fantasy 13 also […]

Welcome to Gaming Revolution

Welcome to Gaming Revolution where we will be putting the power of the Voice to the Gaming community, here you are welcome to Post reviews on Games you have Played Good or Bad No more sugar coated Reviews, just the […]