DLC Watch: Final Fantasy 15

From Kotaku’s “Final Fantasy XV Has 16 Different Pre-Order DLC Trailers article”

As if the game can’t get any worse, it hits a new low today by unleashing 16 DIFFERENT TRAILERS FOR PRE-ORDER DLCs. I never seen anything like this, the addition of DLCs already turn me off the game but these Pre-Order DLCs just disgust me. I hope these DLCs are timed exclusives and would be available to download FOR FREE. The inclusion of DLCs is a slap in the face to so many people who have waited for this game. Personally, I really hope Square Enix delay the game again to include all future DLCs and remove the season pass. Sure people will be angry but at least, Square Enix can win the trust of their fans again. I wonder how much of the future DLCs for Final Fantasy are supposed to be part of the main game but later removed to release the game earlier and be later sold as DLCs to suck for money from fans. I guess the remake of Final Fantasy 7 will have DLCs and I can’t believe that I will be writing one of the things that made the original game great is that it doesn’t have DLCs. I’ll certainly be writing about Pre-Order Bonuses soon as part of my Problems with Gaming Series.
Here is the full list (Click DLC title to see its trailer):

[The full list is compiled by Gematsu]
Ridiculous, isn’t it? Be sure to pre order at the right store if you want to get a specific Pre-Order DLC… Wait I’m from the UK so am I getting any for this? This is the problem with Pre-Order bonuses, most of the time they apply to a specific region usually America or Japan.