Dead Space 2 – Introduction and Review

Sequel to the first Dead Space game, Dead Space 2 features the return of everyone’s favorite Necromorph slaying bad-ass, Issac Clarke. At the beginning of the game you’re thrown right into the action as Issac Clarke awakens in an asylum on the Sprawl as Franco Delille attempts to free him. Franco’s appearance in the game is short-lived as he is almost immediately slaughtered–quite brutally and graphically, might I add–by a Necromorph. You, Issac, are then forced to escape on your own by running down dark, ominous, and Necromorph-infested hallways. Definitely a great way to get the player excited for the rest of the game, no? 
You discover soon, that Issac has gone pretty nuts once he starts experiencing hallucinations of his dead girlfriend, Nicole. That’s right, Nicole–again. However, in this game she isn’t a nice, helpful hallucination. She, throughout the game, continuously appears to taunt Issac, and threaten to harm and even “kill” him. Sounds like a pretty healthy relationship, wouldn’t you say?
Speaking of relationships, Issac doesn’t meet very many people–other than Stross, Ellie, and Diana. The first person he meets abruptly slits his own throat having gone completely insane–very disturbing, very gross, leaves many mental scars. I’m sure there are others that he meets that also die; however, the death that stood out to me the most was the death of (what I assumed was) a loving mother. Towards the middle of the game, you’re walking through a nursery/school/daycare when you come across a woman in an empty room with a baby Necromorph. You watch from behind a wall of glass as the woman embraces the infant in her arms just to have it explode… sending her guts and blood all over the glass. Then, as crazy as you are at this point, you walk away like nothing ever happened and continue to slaughter more Necromorphs like it’s just another regular day.
Anyway, enough about that.
Dead Space 2 is filled with jump-scares–jump-scares so bad that you have to pause the game and walk away for a bit so that you can recover and keep playing. Most of the scares consist of: random steam from above that scare the living-hell out of you while you’re looking around corners for Necromorphs, corpses suddenly deciding to re-animate right in front of you, and nasty-looking ones whose soul purpose in life is to scare the crap out of you as they chase after you attempting to impale you through the back with their large blade-like arms. The entire atmosphere of Dead Space 2 is setting you up for those scares. The dark surroundings, the blood-splattered walls and floors, the flickering lights, and the abundant amount of human corpses that could potential come to life and kill you.
Note: everything in the game wants to kill you.
You have Necromorphs ranging from large, grotesque lumps of unrecognizable flesh to small re-animated infants with three barbed tentacles that launch quills at you. All of the Necromorphs are equally terrifying. However, beware of The Pack–a large group of child-like Necromorphs that swarm you when you least expect it. If you don’t know how to deal with these little devils you will find yourself dying more than actually progressing through the game. Do I speak from personal experience? Yes, I do.
The story and scares of Dead Space are definitely awesome. What about the controls and graphics, though? Starting out, I, personally, had a bit of trouble getting used to the controls since I’d previously been binge-playing Skyrim and Dragon Age, but eventually I got used to them. They’re intelligently placed and nothing really stands out as a “why-the-hell-would-they-put-this-button-as-that”, so I don’t have much to comment about on them. The graphics, however, were definitely awesome! Not like, playing Skyrim on a PC with a EVGA GeForece GTX 1080 graphics card and a kickass processor, but good enough that they did their job of making the game terrifying and intriguing at the same time. No complaints.
All around, Dead Space 2 is a great game. I enjoyed my experience playing it and would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone that was looking for a scary first-person shooter with an awesome story and plenty of gruesome mini-scenes.
Anyways, peace out and game on!