2016 upcoming ps vita games

Everybody’s talking PS4, Xbox One, PC etc. Did you guys forget about the real good deals? So many old-school games are being released on the PS Vita this year.
Here’s a list of the few games that we should be looking forward to buy:
Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty
Oh, the weird little guy! Remember that cool alien? Damn, so much memories. We all love Abe. The new gen version was released 2 years ago on the PS4, and last year on the Xbox One and PS3. Today it’s being released on the PS Vita. One of the most awaited, nostalgic games. Go give that a try, and drown yourself in that Odd World.
Civilization Revolution 2 Plus
Yes, critics gave it bad reviews. I remember once reading an article telling the gamers to go get something better. But hey, nothing to lose. Another game on the PS Vita who doesn’t want that? Maybe we should give it it’s chance. And also, nobody should ever refuse to play any civilization game.
LEGO Marvel’s Avengers
Personally not a big fan of lego editions – they ruined the harry potter series. Com’on nobody does that. –  BUT again, let’s be real, we don’t always get PS Vita games, so buying some games for the sake of playing and building a library for the PS Vita is our duty…right?
Attack on Titan
Now we’re talking! Bring it on Koei Tecmo, we’re ready! One of 2016’s biggest games! The trailer announced release in the month of February for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. One word : Thrilled.
Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles
Taking a leap of fate on the PS Vita. I’m grateful for this, Ubisoft. Finally another Assassin’s Creed game. Liberation has set a really high standard. I really hope this one is as good as Liberation. But then again, thank you, Ubisoft.
Forgotten Memories
This one’s screenshots gave me chills. Seriously. Reminds me a little bit of silent hill. Never played Forgotten Memories before, but surely will when it will be released on the PS Vita.
Don’t forget to BUY your PS Vita games! Show Sony that we still care! Let them know. And yes, enjoy your games.