Rise of the Tomb Raider

Release date: November 10, 2015
Genre: Action-adventure
Platform played on: Xbox 360
Average playtime: 15-20 hours
One of the most awaited games to be released soon on PC and PS4, Rise of the Tomb Raider is bringing back the tombs into Tomb Raider.
You may all know that Tomb Raider reboot has set a whole new plot for Lara Croft. No more complaints about Crystal Dynamics making Tomb Raider “too linear”. Even though they’re still spamming us with quick time events (sometimes inappropriate and annoying), I must say, this game has been my favourite Tomb Raider game so far. Remember the glitchy, awkward camera angles? GONE. It is more action-packed than the last one, with a perfect touch of suspense, and of course, jumpscares.
You will watch Lara Croft grow, and learn. Handling pain, scavenging and gathering items – which you will surely need in each mission – will become a habit.
The bow, which was young Lara Croft’s faithful partner, is back with many more upgrades. A range of pistols, shotguns, rifles, special arrows, can be used throughout the game, and each of them can be upgraded and modified.
Fan of the old school Tomb Raider? You can now have the pleasure to select the optional “Challenge Tombs” that will bring you back into that world. Even though it’s not as tricky as it used to be – And, no it will not be useless, because you will actually acquire more skills points and ultimately become more powerful, which will help you for the upcoming events.
Agreed that the graphics on Xbox 360 is not as awesome as on Xbox One, but personally, my hard disk is filled with this game’s screenshots. There are so many breathtaking sceneries. The game feels more responsive on Xbox 360. And also, with the visual patch that was released, the graphic were brought somewhat closer to the Xbox One’s version.
Just experience it. It is insane visually, and I would say, it is even the best looking game of the last gen on Xbox 360. What are you waiting for? Yesterday you said tomorrow, just buy it! And I’ll end it with a friendly advice – Please don’t forget to collect woods for the arrows.