Batman Arkham Knight

Before I had purchased Batman Arkham Knight I had decided I wouldn’t read any reviews or warnings about the PC version of Batman and how badly it was ported over.
In brief I have just upgraded my Rig so I could play GTA and other games in glorious 60FPS and just bath in the graphics and depth of the games I own.
Sad to say I was pretty much disappointed at Batman and all the warning signs posted were pretty much on the spot, I will even go to the point where I was lucky to even get to the end of the storyline of the game.
Ok that was a Lie I gave up and have only completed the game around 47% and done the story line missions as the game crashes so much that there is no point in even trying to run the game.
The story was pretty bland and boring and didn’t offer much compared to batman Arkham asylum and batman Arkham city, you didn’t get any connection to the characters or even batman himself, I was mostly disappointed at the lack of any actual boss fights and more button bashing and taking on Tanks and henchmen.
Some aspects of the story were decent and the unravelling of the origins of the Arkham Knight was laid of nicely as it allowed the audience to see why the main villain held so much resentment for Batman and why he has gone out his way to cause so much trouble.
Personally I would have changed a lot in terms of the story and got the supporting acts like the Riddler, Penguin and other cast to play a bigger role in the story of the game and actually having an impact on the way the game went instead of having a sideline view and just being optional bosses.
Batman Arkham Knight in terms of story had a lot of potential but Warner Bros have clearly decided not to use the Batman Had to offer and use it to its full potential when it comes to in terms of story and depth and character building.
Battle engine
Not really a big fan of the way the Batman Battle engine has been designed as it seems to be more geared towards button bashing than anything else, the new attack methods are pretty good when you are able to use them in combat and have been implemented pretty well, an example of this is fear multi takedown which allows you to simultaneously take out multiple targets in a room with ease.
The car is used to much and we need less of it, I have found that in almost all missions the Car plays a integral role in completing a task, which is fine if its couple of times during the game play but in Batman Arkham Knight most the game play seems to based around having to drive around the city and having to use the car which kind of takes some enjoyment out the game.
Things I would Change
Make it less reliant on button bashing, when in combat situation make it more finger friendly
due to having to constantly be bashing at the same button to do multiple attacks can be a pain and hurt lol, I would also cut down on the need for always having the batmobile and give other methods of achieving objectives.
As I said earlier I would introduce Boss fights instead of large brawls with henchmen and give the Riddler, penguin and the crew more of a foothold in the story allowing for a better battles and opportunities to use skills as they are earned or levelled up.
At the end of the day the game was disappointing and it didn’t offer me the wow factor like the previous in the saga, the game seemed to be rushed out on PC as well where the developers at Warner Brothers most likely haven’t got a clue about PC gaming and have decided it would be great to Cap the game at 30FPS, the game was released with bugs which caused it to crash, as I said I am lucky I got through most of it due to the amount of crashes I have had.
The game is not worth it, the storyline has been rushed and character building is none existent in the game apart from the Arkham Knight, it’s just not there.
The game mechanics are pretty much still the same as previous Batman games and it seems little effort has been put in the game for what it offers.
Lucky to even get 3/10