Has steam Steam declared war?

Has steam Steam declared war?
The question of the week and it’s a pretty interesting one, has steam declared war on its moding community and its user base?
In brief game developers and publishers are getting pissed off that the gaming community continue to play their games and there is a community built up to design mods for pre-existing games which can add hours to month’s worth of replay value to the games themselves.
What this meant was the mods have been designed by some pretty devout moders who genuinely enjoy playing and adding extra value to the games.
It’s not uncommon for the mods to ask for donations for their work which is pretty good as it is as those who take their time to work on these are entitled to credit and getting something out their hard work.
what steam have done is brought in a tool which now means it can be exploited by pretty much anyone for financial gain as steam will make big gains if all goes smoothly and people buy into the crap.
When a modder designs a mod for a game and then uploads it to the market place, the profit is split 75% to steam and the game developer with 25% going to the game modder who designed and built the mod.
sp pretty much people who had no work or did nothing will be making big gains from someone’s else’s work which kind of takes the Mickey out of the modder, this also means anyone can submit a mod just for pure money making (reskining a weapon and charging stupid prices for it)
this can also be exploited by thief’s who steel other peoples work as shown in the last few days where people have been uploading other peoples work as their own to the market place.
To finish this off I thought I would share some reactions from one of my favourite sites on the net, Reddit
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