Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Get your tin foil hats ready as Square Enix have released a new trailer for the upcoming sequel Deus ex human revolution which I thought was a great game and had so much replay value do to the game mechanics and the way you can play the game in different styles and methods.
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Welcome to the Deus Ex Franchise and a franchise I would say which brought two play styles together very well before any other game producers.
The ability to Role-play and have that First person shooter combined well and gave the title a good edge.
The Game was originally released in 26th June 2000 on the PC and then later Ported over to the Playstation 2 two years later in 2002.
The Latest Game hasn’t gone too far from its origins and contains most of what was in the original game. These are the following
frontal assault
computer hacking
These options give the player multiple ways of completing an objective, this is quite handy as people will play the game differently and its truly isn’t that generic like most other games where you have to go from A-Z in a set a path.
In Deus Ex the path is what you make of it and the actions you take determine how you reach the destination set out for you, in some cases it’s wise to follow a certain path but isn’t forced on the player as it can allow an objective to be reached faster or in a safer and more discreet manner.
In my opinion I liked this aspect of the game as it gave me the opportunity to play how I wanted and gave me the freedom to do as I wanted in the game.

Looking at the trailer it looks like it is carrying on from the previous Deus ex game (Human Revolution) where augmented and none augmented were pitched against each other by groups of people with different interests at heart which was slowly uncovered as you progressed through the game.
At the end of Human revolution you were given three options on which path you want to take.

Hugh Darrow: I Want To Believe
Requirements: Follow Darrow’s request, in which nothing is held back and all information is revealed to the world. It is not explicitly stated whether all biotech research is banned, but Jensen remarks that humanity will surely fear it.
William Taggart: It Was Something In The Water
Requirements: Follow Taggart’s request, this choice covers up the truth and places the blame on Neuropozyne poisoning. This results in stronger regulation, ultimately strengthening the Illuminati’s position.
David Sarif: Terrorists Did It
Requirements: Follow Sarif’s request, where the blame will be laid at the feet of Humanity Front. This causes people to shift their anger towards extremism and allows research and technology to progress unfettered.
Self Destruction: The Truth Is Out There
Requirements: Do not select any of the three above messages to send, but instead activate Panchaea’s self-destruct mechanism. The rationale given for this action is that Jensen feels that it is not up to Darrow, Taggart, Sarif, nor even himself to determine mankind’s fate. He has faith that humanity will eventually do what is best, and this is why he elects to remove them all from the equation.

from what can be seen from the trailer and how it has been presented by ubisoft, it looks like the true ending is the truth and going with “I Want To Belive” as humanity is now divided and fear augmented individuals.
from the trailer this looks like it will be just as good as Human Revolution and I cant wait untill more information is released about the game.