My Return to EVE Online Pt1

My Return to EVE Online Pt1
After almost two years of absence I thought I would try EVE once again as CCP had introduced new game mechanics since my departure from the EVE online universe.
Quick Brief
when I first started eve back in 2008 I was lucky enough to find people willing to help me out straight away, even one player who I have forgotten who just gave 100mil isk, now for a new player even couple of thousand isk was a big thing as it allowed you to buy better ship and weapons to do small missions to earn isk faster.
I was lucky enough to run into some great players who introduced me to their crop members and alliance members, so a thanks to the good start and initial welcome that I had received from these players and corps I was able to join a pretty good null sec alliance where I have learnt some valuable lessons in PVP and PVE.
to keep this part short here is a earlier article I had written about eve with my intial thoughts about the game, this can be found here
Many players might remember the public relations screw up by ccp
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So now my return to EVE Online
so after almost two years of keeping away from Eve Online I had that urge to return to the eve online universe, I will admit I had missed the large fleet operations that I had experienced in null sec and interacting with some great people that I had befriend in my corp. and alliance.
Before returning to EVE I was worried about one thing, My carrier which was in a Null sec Hanger surrounded by reds who would love to pop it, so it was great to know that CCP have a contingency in place for returning players where they teleport your character to a system of your choice.
This can only be done once and only if you haven’t played eve online over six months so good luck abusing that.
I am loving the new ship designs that have been introduced since my last time on eve as they have gone away from the bulky box ships to a more aesthetic looking ships with different variations of the ship type having its own design now compared to previously where it was pretty much change of colours.
An Example of this is the good old Kestrel and Manticore variations
To the Left we have the good old Kestrel  and to the right the Manticore and a pretty good asset for blockade running and bombing runs
Kestrel OldManticore
Here we are with the latest redeign foe the manticore and setting it apart from the its predecessor
so the latest cosmetics are great and its great to see CCP are making each class of ship more distinctive and not just using generic colours to set them apart and have changed the whole appearance of the ships types in classes to a more modern and more aesthetic.
There are some great other additions which I have found to be great and enjoy and at the same time loath,
Gate Jump Timers
gate jump timers as it stops a large fleet from crashing a gate by doing a large fleet jump, but at the same time I also hate the fact when I am in a large fleet op and we need to get to a destination fast we are delayed by gate timers due to fleet numbers
this also can have a negative effect when you are about to jump into a large gang of reds and your reinforcements are stuck on the other side because they are waiting to jump in.
No more Clone skills updates
When I first signed into EVE I was pretty shocked and worried that I could not find my clone skill update option as I was always use to checking my clone was up to date just in case I met my maker and was popped as it’s a pain knowing that you lose a skill point which can take days or weeks to train back up, so finding out this was removed from the game mechanics made me pretty happy as its one feature in EVE which was hated by almost everyone as the costs of maintaining clones was impractical.
Granted we will have those who see this as a risk to eve and part of the sandbox where the risk of losing skills should be part of the game as it means people being more vigilant and more accountable with their actions in game.
Jump fatigue
“The primary change is the addition of a new mechanic, called “jump fatigue”.
Jump fatigue is tracked for each character, persisting between play sessions and over downtimes as appropriate.
Every time you use any jump drive, jump bridge or jump portal (hereafter all treated as “a jump”; note that this does NOT include stargate travel!), you will accumulate jump fatigue. If your fatigue is below 1 before a jump, your fatigue will be 1 + (light years travelled) after the jump. For subsequent jumps, the fatigue is multiplied after each jump by 1 + (light years travelled). This stays on the character as mentioned earlier, and decays at a rate of 0.1 per minute.
More information can be found here on changes

This is a interesting new mechanic eve have added due to the large scale use of capitals on smaller blobs, which pretty much hasn’t done that much to effect the balance as the only thing I can see is that it’s just increased the length of time it takes to get to a target location for a player
So I am pretty much with its a useless game mechanic and pretty much pointless in a game which takes a pretty long ass time to travel from system to system already.
After almost a month being back on eve, I will admit it’s nice to see the changes that have been done by ccp, even those changes which make it harder to Rat or changes which increase travel time between systems.
I guess for me only time will tell as I adapt to the new changes and change the way I play eve to get a new understanding of the game.
on a side note it was great to meet some of the ccp team a few years back EG EXPO 2013
Pt2 coming soon