Goetia: Shut Up and Take My Money

Shut Up and Take My Money is an article series that showcases games currently in development. It aims to raise awareness about games that might go under the radar and to let you, the reader, know who the developers are and what they’re planning. The first in the series is Goetia, an indie adventure game that is approaching its Kickstarter deadline.


Goetia was conceived and is being designed by Moeity, a French artist who has an extensive Gothic and surreal art portfolio. However Moeity has teamed up in a partnership with Sushee to oversee the technical aspects of the game, such as coding and QA. Sushee are a small French studio that has had experience releasing smaller advergames, but with Goetia are aiming for a major release.  Since both Moeity and Sushee are limited in their resources they have further partnered with SquareEnix and Ynnis Interactive; which are providing advice as well as assisting with publishing and distribution.


The story of Goetia begins with Moeity’s fascination with haunted mansions, which is incidentally the first location you visit in the game. You play as Abigail, the ghost of a young girl who died in 1902, and must uncover the mystery of her family’s secrets. Moeity does a stellar job in transitioning his matte paintings into the game’s environment and enhancing the atmosphere by the attention to minute detail in animating. Examples of this include: the classic flickering lights, which will surge subtly when Abigail approaches an electric light; and loose fabric (such as tapestries or curtains) will softly move when Abigail passes through them. The design is set to be incorporated into many of the puzzle solving in the game; close ups of books and other documents upon examining them will, for example, reveal notes slipped inside as well as sizeable extracts from literature.


Although it’s a point and click adventure game, Goetia subverts some of the genre tropes due to its unique protagonist. For a first, there is no item hoarding (or indeed any inventory system at all) due to the main character being a ghost. Item interactions either involve possessing an item to levitate it or by directly operating it (it could be argued that the ghost opening the cupboard doors probably does so through possession). Additionally, since you’re a ghost, you may go in all directions of the screen (through ceiling, floors and locked doors if they block your way) although there are certain runed walls that appear to repel the paranormal (and are part of the story’s mystery).


The final product is predicted to have approximately 20 hours of gameplay. The demo preview showcases 10% of the final game, featuring only one character (of a total three planned characters) and takes place in the haunted mansion zone (there will be at least five zones in the release build). The inhouse translation, while it is accurate, features several typo errors. Sushee are aware of these flaws and have stated they will be trying to get help with the international release, further details are expected in a few weeks time.


Goetia is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015, with a release expected around October. Currently there are no plans as to how the game will be distributed, whether it will be through Steam or other sources. Sushee will be attending the Paris Games Week convention starting on the 28th October 2015 and will be available for comment. For more information about the venue read here.

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