Settings for Fallout 4

There have bee several rumors floating around about how the companies involved with Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas have started up production of a new huge game. Many people believe this means that the developers have started work on Fallout 4. My question is where will the game take place? One theory is that it will take place in Boston Mass. and Boston will be in a perpetual nuclear winter so there is radiated snow and the bay is frozen and all the great things that come with nuclear winter. In this scenario the game will be taking place only 2 years after the events of Fallout 3 which means possible character crossover!
My personal recommendation is Fallout 4: Miami. I know this seems off the beaten path but the Fallout games have never ventured south of Maryland, the game could feature island hopping and pirates and all kind of crazy sea life. There could be an absolute abundance of drugs and criminal organizations. I even have the first DLC in mind, Cuban Connection, in which the played does a second bay of pigs like attack on Cuba to over throw a dictator there. I would pay $60 for that game!