New Nintendo 3DS XL Coming Up!

Revamped 3DS XL
to be launched in
the U.S. Feb. 13thdownloadFrom:
            Nintendo has announced their new 3DS handheld system. This system has been said to release on February 13, 2015 for the United States. What makes this system different from your current 3DS XL system? Graphics will be higher quality, an implemented 3D face tracker(which means no more awkward face positions in order to see the 3D), loading screens will be faster etc. The system has a new button called the “C Stick” which is another analog stick. This analog stick is also on a GameCube controller. How Ironic? This button can be located by the upper left of the “x” button. Other than this there will be also two more new buttons.
One thing that has upset future owners of the system is that it will not come with an AC adapter. Though it seems like a bad choice, it makes your wallet smile. At least for people who have already owned one of these systems. It will use the same AC adapter as previous systems. This choice decreased the cost of the system itself. On release, the system will cost $199.99(not including a bundle).Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be the first exclusive to hit this system. Given that there will be different buttons, graphics, and speeds, there will definitely be exclusives. A lot of them.
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