Battlefield Hardline Beta

Battlefield Hardline is a very unique game. With the changes of the “cop vs robber” aspect, this game has the potential of being the best battlefield yet. During this beta you have access to three game types, all multiplayer.
The first game type is called heist. Heist is exactly what it sounds like. You are either a cop or robber in this gametype as well as all the others. The objective as a cop is to stop the criminals from escaping with the two bags of money. If you do not stop them in 100 kills or before the 15 minute time limit runs out, the criminals win. The objective as a criminal is to break into the bank and take the three brief cases to the three marked designations. I found myself playing this gametype the most. It was one of the smaller and faster paced gametypes and it worked very well.
Hotwire, the second gametype is very similar to classic conquest. The objective for this gametype is to capture the objective vehicles and drive them at top speed to deplete the other team’s ticket. I found this gametype being very challenging but enjoyable at the same time.
Finally the final gametype on the Battlefield Hardline beta is Conquest. If you have played any battlefields you should be aware with conquest. The maps are for the most part colossal and filled with action. The objective is to fight and work to control the three different points on the map.
Although we were limited to a very small sum of maps for this beta and only three gametypes, I believe this game has great potential. The graphics were almost spot on and may I remind you this is only the beta. There were very few glitches or lagouts that i experiended in my 10 hour spend of playing this beta. I really enjoy the theme they are trying to portray in this battlefield. Cops vs Criminals is a great idea and I cannot wait to try the full game.