The Crew Review

The reason i’m so behind on talking about Ubisoft’s open world racer is because i waited to purchase it due to the fear that it wouldn’t hold up to the extremely high standards that ubisoft makes for itself, And for the most part my fears were correct. This being ubisoft’s first racing game since “187 Ride or Die” for ps2 and xbox in 2005 they really could have spent more time tuning the game. But don’t get me wrong there where times i enjoyed the game, driving down the country side or along the beach brought nostalgia of back to the countless hours i spent in ‘test drive unlimited’. But there were plenty of thing this game did to get in its own way of being a great game.
NARRATIVE (2\5)- I thought the cliche story line of, you killed someone close to me… now i’m gonna race a lot of people to get back at you, was a little cheesy and played out. And i thought this is something Writters for huge gaming companies would realize too, but nope ubisoft found a way to make this game feel like a bad Fast and Furious knock off. Most of the voice actors seemed as if they didnt want to be there causing the cut scenes to be awkward. Alex, the Protagonist, who is voiced by Troy Baker ( who is also the voice actor of Pain and Cpt. Yamato on the Naruto anime) brings a familiar voice but there are time where even he seems bored. The overall Story to the game was dry and often left a bad taste in my mouth.
Graphics (4\5)- Speeding down the highway at 120 mph every bad thing about this game disappears, the different environments really bring a new light into this open world racer. Different states and cities bring different views and experiences doing something a lot of open world games lack. The scenes in this game are beautiful even from inside the cockpit view driving from mission to mission. Environmental interactions are all over the place whether it is a plane flying overhead or a bear running across the road in the distance there is very few dull moments driving across the country. God forbid you stop and look around though. Some Buildings look like cardboard cutouts. Civilian cars take a little while to render giving them a “hotwheels’ look with no detail at all which made me wonder how a next gen game on 1080p at 30fps can look past the little environmental details.
Game play (3\5)- When it comes to game play, its definitely a racing game, you go through races slowly improving both your skills and car performance . The handling of the cars is comfortably smooth making no car too difficult to handle. The upgrading is fairly simple, the better you perform in your races and side events the better upgrades you can get. Though the upgrades can make some difference in pvp gameplay they simply do not help against the AI in campaign races in my experience. When your fully upgraded Ferrari Laferrari gets passed by a damn mini cooper down a straight away you tend to scratch your head. The customization is what i personally was looking forward to. Though there is not a huge choice of cars, like in Forza or Gran Turismo, The customization is definitely there giving you an opportunity to make a car “yours” something a lot of the recent racing games lack. There are six spec templates to build your car off of which varies depending on the types of races or missions your car is built for whether it be dirt, street, raid, performance, circuit, or stock each specs giving different body kits and options to customize you car.
Multiplayer-(2\5)- I didn’t have many chances to dive into the multiplayer because honestly i forgot about it, and apparently i’m not the only one. Apart form the PvP aspect ,which ill get to, I never found a reason to form a “Crew”. The game definitely felt more like a single player game. When i would play through missions co-op i would have to wait not only for another player to connect but i’d have to pray the servers would keep that player connected. The difficulty of the mission adjusts accordingly the level and amount of players but other then playing through some missions and free riding around with your buddies id didnt see a need to connect with others (despite the fact you NEED to be connected to the internet to play). The competitive part of the multiplayer is something i always enjoy in a racing game i love testing my skill as a gamer and a driver against the competition online. For the most part the pvp delivered firing on all cylinders. The competitiveness was there along with the feeling of accomplishment of wiping the asphalt with the competition. The downside though the servers are not very capable of holding too many players causing the opponents to lag across you screen or just throw racers all over the track randomly.
Now it many seem im coming down on this game harsh, but its only because of my hopes for the game and my experiences with better games that had less to work with.( To name a few: The gran turismo series, Test Drive Unlimited, Need for speed underground 1&2\ original Most Wanted, The Forza Series) Ubisoft being one of my favorite company’s i really expected a lot. If your looking to just drive around in a beautiful scenery across The United States with your friends and complete missions then you’ll have a good experience, But for the full affect of an A1 racing Title you may want to pass on this.
My Personal Rating on this game is a 5\10
Travis Wolfe

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