Are playstation and Xbox getting new models this year?

It has been rumored lately that new models for our beloved Playstation 4 and Xbox one are coming in 2015. With this said the question is what will it look like and what will be inside of it? Based on the previous models, the 360 and PS3, they tend to change a pretty decent amount. On the playstation side of things, every model was different. From the original brick of a model, all the way to the ultra slim. In my opinion Sony will change the look of the new ps4 and it might even be very divergent. In terms of the hardware there have been rumors of a 4k. 4k is a very high resolution and would improve the graphics a well amount.
As for the Xbone I would predict they would change the look as well. If you remember all the Xbox 360 models, they werent entirely different. The original was white but besides that there werent that many jurastic changes. I would really like to see them do something different for this supposed “new model”. The xbone model we have right now is simply too big. I really hope they try to make the second model a little smaller and not make it look so much like my Direct TV box. In ┬áterms of hardware inside the xbone they will include the 4k as well. No telling how much more will be added if anything at all, but I would love to see a new and improved model for both consoles sometime this year.