E-Sports: How to Grow a Sport.

At one point or another we have all picked up a bottle of Mountain Dew and seen the Major League Gaming advertisements on it. Most of the time we simply ignore them and get the sensible choice of Pepsi but if you read them you see a mishmash of logos and team names that mean nothing to the average person. On the other hand pick up the nears Bud Light can and you will see a sports team which most people recognize and understand. Not being accessible to the general public is what is keeping gaming from being considered a real sport. But what is causing this massive deficit in public knowledge about gaming? The lack of media coverage and the lack of a central organization.
When was the last time you remember sitting down to watch ESPN and seeing League of Legends highlights? I assume never or I have been using my TV wrong. This lack of coverage by news networks means that the average person has no idea what is going on in the world of gaming. This also means that no one knows about events and competitions so most are under attended and under funded which is stunting the growth of the community and it is that growth that will help lead to more people recognizing gaming teams and logos and memorabilia.
Gaming also has no central organization besides the MLG and and while they are trying their best they just cannot succeed. This is because teams do not represent anything besides their sponsors and themselves. there needs to be state or collegiate teams because people will support a deadly disease as long as it is from their town.
If all else fails I fall back on the argument “if poker is a sport this should be too”