Marcin Iwiński takes aim

Marcin Iwiński takes aim

So in the last few weeks Marcin Iwiński has released statments about The Witcher 3 and about the future of DLCs and will be releasing 16 free The Witcher 3 DLCs for the game.

This is a great stand that Marcin Iwiński is taking against what has become the norm of day one dlcs, or DLCs for games which are released a few days later for gamers to purchase.

an example of this would be overkill and their overkill on DLC, I do appoligise about the pun
overkill going overboard on DLC

its something I wrote about a few months back and within that period overkill has released more DLC so the new total cost for buying all their DLC and game is at a wooping £60.99 or if you bought the game already a mouth watering £67.99

one statement that has surfaced is was his comment to IGN was

“Because people just paid full price for our game,” Iwiński responded when we asked why the developer is releasing its next 16 DLC packs for free. “We owe them.”

Many publishers argue that they are spending lots of man hours on DLC, but this has been shown to be misleading as an example of Marcin Iwiński and The Witcher 3, a DLC does not need to be something that takes a ton of man hours to develop and publish.

Personally I would like to commend Marcin Iwiński and his team for taking this stand as its good to see developers go down this path instead of trying to milk the game for as much money as they can with paid DLC, then again going down this path would most likely raise a lot of publicity and more revenue from game sales.

The only question is how other game developers will and publishers take this well aimed shot at them and their policy on paid DLCs, will they ignore the attack and criticism? Or will they look at this and reflect on their current path and maybe do some soul searching and make some changes to their game plan?

Only time will tell