My Introduction

Dear Gamers of the world, my name is Jack “Naxxus” Harrison and I am here to tell you of what my plans are with article releases this year. I want to make sure you know what articles to expect from me in 2015 and yes I know I’m one month late what can I say? I’ve been busy.
My plan is every friday I will be uploading new articles to keep everyone up to date on new releases and review games to make sure that they will be the game for you. Along with this, I will also be discussing other matters that can range from level design in games and gameplay mechanics. Each month I will be reviewing the free games on PSN for the PS4, and let you know if I think it is worth your valuable HDD space (although always add it to your library because, you know, free game!)
If my content tickles your special places and you just can’t wait a week or so for my articles then you can follow my blog and keep up to date with every review I have written. Also if you are a League of Legends fan I will be uploading reports of the LCS games so that you can read them on the bus or at work and not have to sneakily wear headphones and stay really quiet.
Soon I will also be creating content on Youtube in the not so distant future and I will keep you posted on that. Well that’s it from me for now have a great week, we have some reviews coming soon so stay tuned.