Saira: The Follow up of The Ring

Hi again, this is Wizard, giving you a follow up on my review of Saira. I didn’t say everything I wanted to in my review, like some of the reasoning, so I decided a follow up was the best idea.
First off, let’s talk about the score, just to get it out of the way. I gave it a 4.5 because it’s free, my real score would have been a 4. I thought that was an honest score, as I did not have fun while I played it. Fun is the biggest score for me, followed by gameplay & story (as one category), then music & visuals, and finally things like originality are in a special category that don’t matter until the others are fulfilled. I was bored out of my fucking skull, having to deal with the frustrating nature of the lava-ish world. I tried my hardest to get to this one crystal, but eventually just quit, and if a game cannot persuade me to finish it then I have little patience or hope for it.
This isn’t an elitist thing either; I finished Battlefield Bad Company 2 which was no small feat mind you with all the mind-numbing dialogue, but I just have to say that Saira should have been right up my alley. I have a strong love for Platformers, and Saira’s controls were really nice for a PC platformer, easy to use and with a nice flow. Unless you try to run up a wall, god-forbid you even attempt such madness! The story was very nice, if a little corny, and the visuals mixed with the music were stunning. Whenever I think of them I immediately think I have made a mistake, and then I try to pick my brain again to see if I can remember this obvious error in judgement. So I play some more for about five minutes before shutting my PC off with an axe, shouting “I REMEMBER!”
The boring quality of the game just overpowers everything else, the stunning visuals mixed with the calming yet creepy music to symbolize how alone you are, the interesting story and the wonderful gameplay is dwarfed by the empty “open world” levels that serve to annoy. I remember spending ten minutes straight figuring out how to go to another planet aside from the frost and starting world. When I did I was mildly exciting, thinking that this planet has better be worth the effort. Then I saw the picture on the loading screen radio, and I saw that it was a lava planet. Ever since Star Wars III  I have loved lava planets, and I was getting more exciting by the cool description thing, like I was on an actual space adventure. Then I got there… Boy was it disappointing! I saw two directions to fall, and I was interested at first but soon saw how he managed to design 60 levels, he did it badly. The level was ridiculous, with passable walls completely indistinguishable from the climbable ones!
I would like to explain, that I did not finish the game. This may seem very lazy, and I normally finish a game before I review it, but I have a very god reason. The game bored me, in the first five minutes. A game could dispense money and sex in its second half, but I won’t care unless the first half makes me want to get there. A game is, at the most fundamental level, supposed to be fun. It’s all good and well to say a game gets more fun the longer you play it, but if it takes me an hour to get there I will show it poorly in the review. Perhaps I was too harsh on Saira, and I might correct myself someday if I discover I am incorrect in my opinion, but I think if the developer could read my review and learn from it, I will be as harsh as I have to for the improvement of games.
Those are my final thoughts in the future, but if I am wrong I might issue a different score, just don’t get your hopes up! Still, try it if you want.