Feminism in the gaming world

Feminism in the gaming world
I normally don’t really bother with articles like this and it’s kind of strange this being one of my first articles in a long time.
I wanted to cover this as I am finding it pretty amusing and shocking at the amount of heat this is creating and the type of support each camp of argument are getting.
Firstly everyone should have the right to express their opinions and views without having the threat of being harassed or getting death threats, (come on people that’s wrong and low)
Now the subject that has seemed to have created this whole atmosphere of hate is because a Feminist gamer believes that women are objectified by the gaming world and in some aspects they are right, women are objectified and its roots are mostly from the early days of gaming when the number of women Vs men gamers was a pretty large gap with men being the majority and games being catered to them.
Now that you have feminist complaining about women being objectified by game developers and how they are creating characters with unrealistic representation of women, how they are sexualised.
What about Male characters in gaming?
Unless these Feminist are hypocrites and only see the world in black and white, on the other side of the coin we have to deal with the fact that we have unrealistic representation of males in games and yet do you see us throw a tantrum and call on the gaming industry to change.
How many of us have the same build as majority of the characters we use in games? The answer would be pretty low and it’s something we don’t bat an eye lid over.
Times change and we are seeing game developers adapt with their games by making their characters less sexually orientated or adapt to the player base.
End of the day you are still going to have the problem of objectification of people (both genders)
and people will still moan and bitch about things like this.
I know this is short and to the point, but nothing is black and white