Good Vs Evil

Good Vs Evil


I Was Recently reading a post on Reddit about the choices most game developers implement into their games and how it effects the game and the users experience.
So I thought I would write into this as I have come across many games which follow these principles, ranging from Infamous to the current release of Watch Dogs.
The reason I use Infamous as an Example first is due to the fact I believe it was implemented quite well where the actions of the Protagonist (lead character) actions actually effected the story and his own abilities to the effect you had to choose wisely which direction you wanted to go in.
Infamous 2 Review (this was done back in 2011 so not one of my greatest piece of work)
I like the saying from Batman “you either die a hero or live to become the villain” as this pretty much summed up Infamous and Infamous 2
then we have a Game like watch Dogs which uses some of the same principles from Good Vs Evil but more in the sense where being Good is a bigger bonus in its self as you are rewarded with XP points to increase your characters strengths in different areas by completing different missions.
by also keeping up the reputation you also get the people on your side who won’t rat you out to the authorities and help you escape and hide make it much easier on the run.
Watch Dogs Review
While I was writing this I was also reminded of one of my old time favourite games on PC.
BLACK and White
for me this was the first ever game I had played where you truly had the power to choose between good and Evil and your actions truly did effect the human race.
if you don’t know what Black and White is
Wiki Link
Be a good God and treat your people right and they will love you as you defend their village and help them grow.
Be a vengeful god and use human sacrifice and be feared by your followers.
Games like these are great as they allow people to explore new things in different ways and in sense when they play a game it gives them a new experience from the first time they play it as the game will have changed and they will have to adapt how they handle a scenario compared to their first play through.
So when Game developers do introduce Good Vs Evil in games and implement it in a way which has some good game changing consequences for the main character and the story line itself then I say great as it adds that extra play ability factor to.
Thanks to Sessamina from Reddit for giving me this idea from his post here

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