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Welcome back to Assassins Creed series and for those of you who haven’t played any Assassins Creed Games up to date here are couple of Reviews from past Games of the series
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With Unity just being announced and the 7th line of the Assassins Creed Saga of the long running story of control and power.
As you play through the Assassins creed storylines becomes more clear and the reasons behind your characters journey is made more clear as you progress through the storyline.
during the first couple of Assassin Creed series you play as Desmond miles who is kidnapped by the modern day templar’s known as Abstergo who use Desmonds genetic code to unlock past memories to try and find relics aka the apple of Eden from the first civilization to consolidate their power and will as these relics are pretty powerful tools.
The apple of Eden were created by the first civilization in great numbers to concentrate the will of every single person on the planet to wave of a destructive force which was on the verge of destroying life on the planet, of course this failed and the first civilization was wiped out only leaving relics of themselves behind.
so story wise it has pretty much been the same, Desmond and friends are in search of a way to avert the same destructive force which killed the first civilization by looking for their technology which they can use to save the human race from extinction by using the animus to look into the past and find answers and directions to hidden secrets of the first.
Now in Black Flag we play as a unnamed player as Desmond was incapacitated at the end of Assassins creed 3 as he chose to sacrifice himself to save the planet from immanent destruction and in the process unleash Juno onto the world.
he had a choice
1. Let the destruction happen and he would lead the survivors into a new age but in the process as time passes his stories would be distorted by people and used to start new conflicts and cause death and misery
2. Sacrifice himself and release Juno and save the world but in the process people would pretty much lose their freedom and everything he holds in high value, but it would mean the end of conflict and the chance of people distorting things to cause harm.
so Assassins Creed Unity will be interesting to see what they do with Desmond and what they plan to do with his character as its not made clear if he truly is dead and seeing how Assassins Creed has a lot of twist and turns I would not be shocked if has not alive and being kept in some Lab for his genetic code by Abstergo to further their goals.
Now onto Assassins Creed Unity
Looks like the Revolution theme is being carried on from Assassins Creed 3 as we see protagonist once again thrown into a conflict of the freedom of a nation.
this time being based on the French Revolution (1787-99) where the people took up arms against a cruel and unjust system.
if you want to know more about the French Revolution
its always been very clever and quite cool how Ubisoft have been able to take historical events and meld Assassins Creed around them to make them more unique and a more immersive game, heck you probably get a bit of a history lesson from them *I am not saying everything is facts in Assassins creed* before I get the army of people rushing into say that.
so from a story prospective you have to give the development team props for the amount of research they do before developing a storyline for each game they produce and publish.
Now one thing on Assassins Creed Unity I am most looking forward to is the one change I have been hoping for a long time, one issue with Assassins creed is the trailing missions which can be frustrating as you cannot fail these at any costs or its game over and you have to start back from the beginning.
with Assassins Creed Unity this will change and now you can get caught and it will not end the mission straight away, that’s correct you can now run ahead of your target to the potential destination or use clues to track them if you lose them on your pursuit of them.
So praise be for this great change and I am sure everyone is welcoming this with open arms 🙂
Looking at the past games and how Assassins Creed has evolved in terms of Graphics and gameplay style, I look forward to playing the game and seeing where the story leads to
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