mortal kombat x

mortal kombat x
with mortal kombat x being announced by warner brothers, a part of me is very excited and happy.
most gamers in this generation are in their late twenties or thirties who have grown up with the earliest gaming system ranging from the Nes to the current generation which it shall be hitting the shelf’s for.
Mortal Kombat I would say was for me the first ever explicit game I played with the decapitation or some other brutal actions at the end with the fatalities at the end of each fight.
Mortal Kombat I would say for that reason went away from the standards of most games by moving to a whole new level of gaming brutality which I would say helped spawn some of our games we have to this day and age which aren’t so sugar coated and wrapped in a way that they don’t offend people who don’t like violence in video games.
The Mortal Kombat series also spawned the Mortal Kombat movie which wasn’t really embraced by critics that well but was able to spawn off a sequel.
The Movies themselves are based in the Mortal Kombat universe where fighters are chosen to fight for their realm Aka group of people fight to protect earth from being invaded and taken over.
Anyhow for more about the movies here is a Wiki link
its been almost been 7 years since the last Mortal Kombat game which hit the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
Now Mortal Kombat never was really a Story based game but does have some back stories for each character you play and each game does come with these principles.
The most engaging and defining part of Mortal Kombat is the game engines it uses every time and the rendering of the characters in the game giving it a richer and more immersive feeling to it.
Not much has been released by NetherRealm Studios but this great looking trailer.