Watch Dogs Part 2

Been playing Watch Dogs for the last few days and I will say I am pretty impressed at the game, as you start off the game you are after information from the man who is responsible for the death of your niece and who ordered the hit on you and your partner.
As you progress through the game as you complete objectives throughout the game, more and more of the back story is revealed to you through flashbacks and apprehending people who had a part to play in the run up to the incident which cost the life of your niece.
The game play on watch dogs is pretty smooth and interacting with your surroundings is pretty good as there isn’t any noticeable lag when playing the game, though loading the game is pretty slow to today’s standards, this is pretty understandable considering the size of the map and the fact that you don’t have to load any of the zones as you travel between them.
This is also the same with most open world games where there isn’t any loading between map zones.
The game is pretty immersive as you wonder the streets of┬áChicago and get lost in the game and its surroundings, Ubisoft have gone all in when it comes to the content of Watch Dogs right down to the details of the individuals on the streets as you delve into their phone calls and text messages, nothing like sticking your nose into someone else’s private conversation.
so you will never get bored in-between missions as there will always be something to keep you occupied.
Levelling up is pretty good with Watch Dogs as you can level up pretty easily throughout the game
and earn skill points to unlock perks from your skill tree, one good thing about Watch Dogs and the skill tree I would say is that you have to earn each perk on your skill tree by completing side quests instead of having them open to unlock automatically with skill points.
this is good for couple of reasons, one of them being you don’t automatically unlock all the top tear skills and make yourself unbeatable and pretty much walk through the game which takes away the challenge from the game and pretty much turns it into a one play through game.
Earning money I would say is very easy in Watch Dogs as you unlock areas by infiltrating and hacking into ctos locations you pretty much have unlimited supply of cash, this does depend on the neighbourhood you are in as the higher class areas you will find that you get more disposable income from pleasant passerby’s whom you can extract in some cases an excess of 6000-12000 in funds.
which makes buying all the high powered weapons from the start pretty easy task to accomplish as you can steal all the cash that you need from the public, though this does create the risk of bounties on you if you unwittingly hack into a ctos undercover employee who will place a bounty on you for another player to take on you, this initiates one Vs one online incursion unless you get to the undercover employee in time and disrupt his phone call.
one problem with the game play with Watch Dogs I would say is the online incursion by other players which can disrupt your game play.
for example say you are on your way to start a new mission and before you reach that someone decides to do an incursion into your game, that objective that you set out is overridden and you are automatically set on a multiplayer game, which can be annoying sometimes when you just want to play the story mode and complete the missions.
Now this can be turned off and you can go offline but this has repercussions of its own as you will lose anything you have gained playing online against others which is kind of a bummer.
One integral part of Watch Dogs is using your environment around you to your advantage and as you increase your skill tree in hacking and what you can hack, security barriers to opening and closing bridges.
these will play an essential role in how you accomplish objectives and how well you survive as you use these as weapons to stop perusing targets on the road by creating obstacles using security barriers or car pile ups by manipulating traffic lights to cause chaos.
Now not all missions can be stealthed and does require you to get your hands dirty like it or not, but one good thing about Watch Dogs is that is does give you the option to stealth most the levels and cause minimal casualties by using the cameras as an extension of yourself to hack terminals and even use security guards as remote terminals if they happen to carry hidden cameras.
Side quests in Watch Dogs is integral part of the game and is responsible for unlocking parts of your skill tree which will give you extra abilities in the game for that extra edge while completing objectives.
for example crime detection will affect your reputation and how the public preserve you, this can be Vigilante as you rescue people from attackers in streets by staking them out and taking out their attacker before they can cause any harm.
your status will always be affected by your actions in the game and will go down if you say decide to run over a pedestrian in the street or go in and Rob a shop, this of course will reduce your reputation to the general public.
Vehicles in Watch Dogs are easy to access but a pain to drive as the response can be pretty slow while driving unless you increase the skills in that area to improve handling.
The controls are easy to grasp and takes a few minutes to get use to and not as fiddly or over excessive where you have to many combinations to do anything
The Game itself is pretty thought out and well refined, so far I haven’t run into any glitches or problems which plague most games on release, then again Ubisoft had delayed Watch Dogs couple of months to refine it so that must of done the trick.
Lets get to the Ratings for the game so far
Graphics 10/10
Game play 9/10
Controls 10/10
immersiveness 10/10
Total score 9.5/10
Multiplayer Review Coming Soon