PlayStation 4 to get pre-loading

Great news Gamers, well those using the PlayStation 4, Sony will be allowing of Pre-loads of their games!!!
Finally you can download the games ready for your enjoyment when the release time comes.
Cons of Downloading on Release time
* Heavy Traffic
This slows down the speed of the download and takes longer for the files to be downloaded to your console
* Not everyone has high speed connection
Some people still have connections as low as 2mbs (rural areas) so they could be waiting for hours to play the game.
* Give me the game
Admit it, everyone wants to play the game they purchased straight away
* Less Traffic
People will have a larger time frame to start downloading the files which would reduce the strain on the servers
* Low speed users
They can leave it download while going to work or out the house and come back to it fully downloaded and ready to play on release
*Give me the Game
And last off all the games ready for you to play on release, well unless they have a emergency patch they need to distribute fast lol
Now this is great for Sony for going down this path and its something that PC users have been able to do for most games released on steam for couple of years now which is frankly a great feature and something that Sony and Microsoft should have been doing from launch of their consoles.
For Sony this is another Goal against Microsoft who have just done a full 180 on their Xbox One under the sheer amount of pressure from gamers and the beating Sony have been giving the Xbox one with the PlayStation 4 which is out selling the console about 7-4

Now the question is will Microsoft take this opportunity to also add these features on their latest update which is due soon.

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