watch dogs

Not long left and after many delays watch dogs shall finally be hitting the shelf’s on the 27th of May.
In the age of the Digital revolution more and more people are hooked to their gadgets, as data about us flows freely from company to company and personal privacy is almost something of the past.
watch dogs takes a similar approach to this when it comes to the story of the game.
The game is based on Chicago, Illinois and other cities where everything is hooked up to a super computer “ctOS” (Central Operating System) and is pretty much Big Brother gone overkill as it has access to every single piece of digital data out there.
The game story revolves around one individual Aiden Pearce who is a highly skilled hacker who is on a personal crusade against those who have wronged him, he uses his skills to bypass ctOS which allows him to take control of anything in the vicinity which is linked up to the super computer to control it.
He has lost family members and he is a very paranoid man and who can blame him living in the ultimate Big Brother society.
The game will feature open world experience and allow you to explore the city freely and complete objectives and missions on your own leisure, that’s always one pro to open world games as everyone likes to take a leisurely stroll down the streets or ride and take in the sights.
The game will appeal to all types of gamers, those who like to do things on the low and be less violent with little casualties, you have the choice to do things on the low by using your hacking skills to scout the place by hacking into the security feed/CCTV network.
This will allow you to choose the most appropriate method of reaching your objective with minimal of casualties and people trying to kill you.
Then you have the what the hell and run in with guns blazing and kill everything that is trying to kill you attitude, because going Rambo rules sometimes.
Now watch dogs isn’t all about personal gain and revenge, as you walk through the streets you will come into scenarios where you will be bump into people who you can help out from certain danger from potential by using crime detection to increase your reputation.
the main took of the trade in this game is your ability to hack almost anything to your advantage and to help your progress.
unsecured or secure network, hack it and steel money from unsuspecting users to fill your pocket up with the greens to buy more toys for yourself.
CCTV cameras can be hacked to find targets and to scout areas before venturing in and allowing you to plan ahead.
Barriers and other security measures, when you are running away or in your ride trying to get away from people who are trying to chase you down and you need to get rid of them fast, hack a security barrier to stop them in their tracks.
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the game is about 35-40 hours long, depending on the player this can easily be extended on how someone plays the game, if you are someone who likes to complete an objective perfectly and get all the goodies and look under every rock in the game, then the game play will be longer.
watch dogs will contain both online and co-op Multiplayer modes.
this will feature around Co-op and Verses.
Co-op any player can join you and help you on the campaign of the game, using the tools of the trade which available to you as well as the player who is helping.
Verses is quiet interesting as it consist of the player trying to upload a virus to you without being caught, this is somewhat like base control except if you are caught you have a choice to run or kill your target.
on Verses you have to use your wits and what you have in hand to find your target and complete your objective and as show by Ubisoft employees at Eurogamers 2013 during the Multiplayer session demo, this is no easy task and takes some time to find your hacker or to find and hack your target without being caught.
I look forward to reviewing the game in more detail and talk more about the story and how the game is once released to get a better and greater understanding of the game.