The Battle of the VR

The Battle of the VR
Over the last few years and last couple of months we have had many new announcements of new VR headsets which will be hitting the market.
Oculus VR
the biggest hit being the crowd sourced oculus vr which came to prominence through kickstarter which raised almost 2.5 billion in crowd funding, becoming of the largest crowd sourced product in Kickstarter,
the oculus vr did hit the headlines again this year after it solid out to Facebook for 2 billion dollars, which is kind of a kick in the face of the backers who backed the project initially to sell out to a company with privacy issues.
After trying out the oculus vr last year and granted it was the developer version, I wasn’t that impressed with it (full article on the Oculus VR can be found here)
Sony’s Project Morpheus


the latest of 3D headsets to be shown the market and brought to you by Sony,
Sony have been developing Headsets for years now and have had little success with getting them mainstream due to costs of production and the end costs to consumers which before now really made VR headsets more of luxury for those who could afford them.
an example of this would be Sony Personal 3D viewer which retails at £999.00, so this would be out the reach of couple of people.
now Sony have come out with Project Morpheus which combines their experience in developing 3D glasses to bring a VR experience.
with their experience backing them since 1997 and the costs in production oh headsets dropping then maybe Sony has a potential chance to take the market by storm with a product which delivers.
Avegant Glyph
Avegant Glyph are the new kids on the block compared to Oculus and Sony, but they have a respectable backing of over 1.5billion dollars on kickstarter and provide a different way of providing the 3D/VR feeling by using Micro mirrors instead of the customary screens for both eyes.
One interesting concept about the Avegant Glyph is the possibilities to use it as simple headphones on the go and if you want to, just flip it down and immerse yourself in your own little world.
There are dozens of other companies who are producing VR headsets as VR gaming is becoming mainstream and a lot more cost effective to develop for the civilian sector as well as the military sector whom have been using VR headsets for battlefield simulation and for training exercises.
and we will see the market saturated with many variants of 3D glasses which will reduce the costs of the devices as the more competition means that as consumers we will get more competitive prices.
The next few years will show how far we take VR technology and incorporate it into our daily lives as a forms of communications as one of the reasons Facebook paid over 2 billion dollars for the Oculus VR as it sees the potential in it as more than a gaming platform but ways of communicating with others in a more immersive way.
lets just hope Facebook don’t start target advertising while you are talking to someone or using it.
on that I do believe Sony will come out top on this one for couple of the following reasons.
Sony have had over a decade’s worth of expertise to fall back on, this means they know where they have lacked and where their strong points are. they have shown this with the Playstation 4 launch after their disaster with the Playstation 3 and have shown they know how to learn from their mistakes when it comes to marketing, PR and the development of the product.
They have a solid platform that Morpheus can be used on already, with the successful launch of the Playstation 4 and selling almost 8million Units worldwide.
this is the reason I believe Sony will do well as they are more established then other companies and have a larger foothold in the market.