Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (2013)

Get the girl, Kill the bad guy, save the world! This sums up this game in a nutshell. I absolutely loved Far Cry 3, definitely up there in my top 10 games. I saw Bajo and Hex from Good Game review this and I knew I had to play it immediately, if not sooner! Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a satire of 1980’s action films set in a fictitious 2007 where the world is suffering the aftermath of a nuclear war between the U.S and Russia. You play as eye patched cyborg Seargent Rex “Power” Colt –  Mark IV Cyber Commando, (voiced by Michael Biehn) you are sent on a mission to an unnamed island to investigate Colonel Sloan, an elite agent who gone rogue and commander of Omega Force cyborg army. The cut scenes play out like they are taken from an old NES game and can be downright hilarious, like the scene when Rex is preparing to battle Sloan and his exercise regime looks like the same one Ivan Drago used in Rocky 4. The tutorial at the start of the game has to be the funniest part of the game, here’s an example of one of the tutorials you have to do:
The entire game is an open world first person shooter, a stand alone expansion from Far Cry 3. The game is more streamlined to give you a more linear experience, like the skill tree, that is now replaced with a simpler levelling up system that automatically unlocks benefits for you. There are a bunch of side missions to do as well, you can find letters from scientists, VHS tapes and old T.V’s, rescue scientists that have been taken hostage, take over garrisons, there are a slew of rare animals to hunt, such as the Battle Dragon, Black and White Tiger, Boar, Cyber Panther, Cyber Shark, Demon Crow, Devil Goat, Glowing Moray Eel, Metal Manta Ray, Mutant Buffalo, Mutated Cassowary, Mutated Turtle, Neon Snake, Robo Dog, Robo Croc and most of all, the Blood Dragon.
These suckers are quite hard to take down, I managed to kill a few with a Gatling gun, even with that it took a while. But these dragons can come in handy for you, when you loot enemy bodies, you end up ripping out their cybernetic hearts which you can throw in the direction of a Blood Dragon to distract them or into an enemy garrison and watch the slaughter unfold. I mostly used the sniper rifle and shotgun throughout the game, as my targets were either real close or real far, you can only have 4 guns in your inventory at a time, plus your grenades, Molotov cocktails and mines. You have the choice of the following weapons once you unlock or buy them:
A.J.M 9 – Handgun
Fazertron – Assault Rifle
Kobracon – Sniper Rifle
Galleria 1991 – Shotgun
Bow – Glowy Blue Bow
Terror 4000 – Gatling Gun
Flamer – Flame Thrower
Killstar – A three bladed ninja star that users your life force to emit a laser
Grenade – Self Explanatory
Molotox – Molotov Cocktail
C400 – C4
Mine – Self Explanatory
All of these are upgradable, except for the Gatling gun and explosives, using stealth takedowns is the easiest way to kill the cyborgs and you also have the chain kills from Far Cry 3 to take out multiple targets with your blade.
I had great fun with this, it just sucks it was such a short game, 7 missions including prologue. Having the ability to flip the bird to animals that you have killed is one of the things in this game that made me giggle a lot!  I give it a 10/10.
Play if you like: Michael Biehn, 80’s B – Grade action flicks, Far Cry 3.

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