Titan Fall Beta First Impressions

Titan Fall became open beta for anyone playing it on the xbox one and I will say when I did see the game for the first time I thought it looked like the same old multiplayer focused shooter such as Call Of Duty or Battlefield but I was very much mistaken.  Upon entering the game for the first time you enter pilot training basically teaching you the movements of the game such as the wall running mechanic and double jump and how to shoot, the basics really.  But then you enter your titan and you feel just powerful even in the training as it gives you bots to kill many other titans punching and blocking your way as you kill as many titans as you can.  The mechanics of the game felt very smooth and easy to master, sometimes it can feel too easy when trying to get into a window you might just wall run but you never know if you will find another way into a building.
When you first start out in multiplayer you have 3 classes to choose from; one with a carbine just your regular soldier nothing special, one called the assassin with my all time favorite weapon the smart pistol in which will lock onto the enemies head and one quick pull of the trigger they are dead but can become tricky when killing enemy players and not the bots, and lastly you have a shotgun wielding class who’s job is to run up and blow your brains out and at times frustrate you.  Each of the starter classes has its own load outs and perks  that can help the player and their titan as well as three different titans giving you either a chain gun, a single missile launcher and I believe a rocket launcher shooting many other rockets but did not use it, and the titans as well have their own perks and when the game comes out different body types.  By level five you can customize your own pilot making it what ever you want he or she to be and at level ten you can customize your titan.
In a multiplayer match it is twelve players all together, six vs six, on pretty big maps.  The maps never get old sometimes you will run the same routine but when a titan starts chasing you down the street and you are stuck on your feet it is time to find some where new to hide which opens up new places for you to flank the enemy or get away.  An interesting part of the game that makes it unique is the minions in the game.  Minions are AI who you will fight and help for each side has some and they work so well in the game.  While running around the battlefield you will find drop pods falling from the sky or zip lines as your minions, or grunts, come down to help out in the fight (or just to help the other team get more points).  But the way the minions work is amazing, while running into a building I found two minions together as one was dragging a body of the other into the building to help him as he was killed and some will give pep talks, the way they interact with the map and each other is amazing even if they are just there to get you more points and add to the crazy combat of the game.
Because of the beta they had released their new game mode last titan standing and a mode to play each modes randomly.  My first game was last titan standing and I was nervous for playing a titan was different than playing your average human pilot that you would be used to in any game but I quickly picked it up after 3 games and began being on the top 3 each game.  How last titan standing works is each player starts as a titan and you only have one life with it and the last team to destroy the other teams titans wins.  One thing I like was even with your titan destroyed you still had a chance to assist your team by running around using your titan destructible weapons slowly helping the other titans take out the enemy team but you only have one life with the pilot.  These games go by quickly and I was surprised that I liked the mode very much for the one life modes in any shooter I dislike.
Titan Cockpit

Titan’s Cockpit

The other game mode that I had played was domination, or what they call Hardpoint, and like many shooters with this game type there are three points for your team to control and there is always a middle that the two teams have the hardest time getting into.  With the ability to run on walls and having a chance to find the right building to climb from the roof it is hard to determine where the enemy could be trying to flank you as you are trying to take a point which can make you feel nervous if you will have a lucky chance of grabbing it or horribly dieing.
And the final game mode is called Attrition, which is just team death match, and even with it being basic kill the other team it gets really intense as you run around killing either the bots or grunts and pilots as titans are falling from the sky destroying everything in their path left and right, it felt like I was on a real battlefield having to always keep moving else I will die which you will.
Finally I would like to say that because this game is multiplayer only the game doesn’t really give us much of a story but being in beta I am not expecting it, but hopefully something will be explain. From what I gathered from loading screens though it seems that a company, called IMC, is bent on taking over the planet to gather resources to create titans only caring about the money and doing anything they can to get it. As for the Militia was formed made by pirates, mercenaries and bandits to be what they call them selves the citizen soldiers and seem to be the only ones to think that direct combat and taking the IMC head on will stop them.
I am very much excited for this game and playing the beta has majorly opened my eyes to what could be very good competition with the Call Of Duty series and Battlefield especially since it eliminates many of the annoying things about the games such as camping and cheap ways to get a kill.  Hope to some day climb on all of your Titan’s backs as we ride into victory either during the beta or on March 11.