Limbo (2010)

Limbo, Let me tell you all about Limbo. This is one of the most challenging games i’ve ever encountered. But it also one of the most rewarding when you do finally manage to pass an area you have previously died in 500 times. Yes, you will die in this game, you will die a lot from various lethal traps, gigantic spiders, other little children that throw spears, glow worms that attach themselves to your head and force you to walk to your doom and just plain bad luck.
In Limbo, you start the game as a young boy waking up in a bleak, gothic, black and white world. Your only goal’s are to find your lost sister and not die doing so. As is typical in most 2D platform games, the boy can run left or right, jump, climb up short ledges, up and down ladders and ropes, and push or pull objects. I found some of the puzzles were downright diabolically hard, the others however were a walk in the park. One of the more difficult ones i found was when i first encountered the glow worm, it took me a while to realise i had to walk into the light to make the worm send me in the other direction. Many times I died trying to work that one out.
The latter levels have a fair bit of gravity switching, which involves you being on the ground one minute and on the roof the next. This nice little feature was part of the last hurdle for me from completing the game and rescuing my sister. I was doing the ol’ switcheroo, avoiding sharp spikes and electric arcs, which there were many, when i ended up sailing sideways, smashing through a window and encountering a girl i assumed was my sister. The girl stands up and the game ends mercifully for my sake. I spent about 3 hours on this last level trying to get it right, half of the levels in the game come down to timing, luck and strategy.
I do recommend this game to anyone that enjoys puzzles, 2D scrollers, swearing like a madman, anger, more swearing and dark, depressing visuals. I enjoyed this little game immensily, well, the parts where i wasn’t dying constantly.
I give it 8/10

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