Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City (2012)

I do have to say, it is quite refreshing to play a Resident Evil title from the bad guys perspective. Operation Racoon City is a 4 player co-op third person shooter set roughly around the same time as Resident Evil 2 & 3. The game revolves around a crack team of paramilitary mercenaries, The Umbrella Security Service – Delta Team during the zombie outbreak in Racoon City who are charged with cleaning up any evidence of Umbrella Corps involvment, as well as taking on a slew of zombies of varying difficulty, spec op soldiers of fortune who would like nothing more than putting a bullet in your lap, suprisingly difficult Tyrant’s, Lickers, Hunters and eventually Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield.
You start off with a choice of 6 player types;
Vector – Recon Expert,
Beltway – Demolition,
Bertha – Medic,
Spectre – Marksman,
Four Eyes – Field Scientist,
Lupo – Team Leader & Assault,
The story is typical Resident Evil style but told from the other side, eliminate anyone that moves and destory the evidence. The spec op soldiers you run into will be in battle with the zombies as well as you, so its best to let them fight it out and waste whoever is left standing, on the other hand, you will more often than not find yourself taking on zombies and the spec op team at the same time. It’s all a matter of taking out the bigger threat first.
There are a few entertaining tidbits i’d like to point out. If you or your team are bitten, you will turn into a zombie unless you have the cure on hand. If you turn, you will end up losing control of your character and attack your teammates until they kill you, and they will without hesitation.  In one level, you are charged with capturing Nemises from Res Evil 3, it sounds harder than it really is. If you are in a fire fight with the soldiers, wound one of them and make them bleed and the zombies in the area will come running to devour the poor sap, if you happen to be bleeding, you run, run and keep firing.
When i started playing, i read that it isn’t wise to play solo, anyone can jump into your campaign as long as you set the game to public, i didn’t have this luxury so i charged forth by myself. I saw what everyone was complaining about. The AI team members are absolute idiots! When they are not walking into fire, they will stand there and get shot or bitten. When they do shoot, they miss most of the time. Most of my time was spent running around reviving them because of their stupidity. If you are wounded or near dead, don’t expect the medic to heal you. Oh no! All i can recommend if you are playing with the AI, use them as cannon fodder, that’s honestly all they are good for.
The game also features upgradeable weapons that you use your XP to purchase, the shotgun is a godsend for this particular type of game. There is an automatic cover system which works really well and the melee attack is actually pretty smooth, i found myself surrounded more than once, i kicked the hell out of the zombie in front of me and my character automatically did a roundhouse kick to the zombie behind him.
Having the return of some familiar characters like Leon and Claire was a bit of a thrill, especially on the last level when you have a choice to kill Leon or help him. I tried both options, i chose to kill him first off, and boy was he challenging to take down. It also dosen’t help that because of Umbrella Corp being dickwads, two of your team split from the group and decide to fight against you. So you now have to kill leon and two of your former crew. When i decided to help him, i only had to take on the two former USS members, that one was far easier, a few shots to the head and i bagged them both.
In online mode, there are the follwing typers of games;
Heroes Mode -Two teams try to take out notable charcaters from the Resident Evil universe who happen to have a ridicuslous amount of health.
Survivor Mode – Eight players fighting zombies and other enemies as well as each other in a closed area. After a few minutes, a helicopter lands and players rush to reach it for evac.
Biohazard Mode – This is a snatch and grab mode where two teams race to grab the G – Virus samples and bring them back to base. Zombies, Lickers and the opposition stand in your way.
All in all, i had fun with this because i got to play as part of Umbrella Corp, trying to find players online is next to impossible, but the solo campaign should be enough for the average fan.
I give this 7/10.

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