Final Fantasy 13 Review: 
Released : PS3, XBOX 360 (2010)
I have previously played Final Fantasy I and II on GBA and loved them, so thought I would try a newer version on PS3. Here is my review.
The story starts as you embark on a new adventure as you become a L’Cie the Fal’Cie’s chosen. You are on the side of the Cocoons, and you must defeat any evil monsters in which you encounter on your journey.
The graphics are gorgeous with some great generous cutscenes throughout the game. You will remember some of these Final Fantasycharacters from the Kingdom Hearts series. The characters are anime- based and they are super cute, there are also some romantic elements in which the graphics does justice!
The battle system is new and improved. .once you get to a certain part in the game you acquire a new mechanic known as theparadigm system which allows you to assign roles to party members during the battle: some are extremely useful such as: you can choose 1 character to heal your party in combat so you have less chance of your party being wiped out, pretty awesome I reckon. When you strike at an enemy, it is really intense especially a pre-emptive strike where you strike first before the enemy sees you.. most of the time my characters haven’t even been touched!
Considering this game is a few years old, the story and graphics are amazing.. they really draw you in and time passes really quickly. I really am intrigued to find out what Lightning Returns will be like when it’s released on 14th February. Got it on pre-order!
All in all.. the story is immersive, great characters, only drawback is it takes you a while to master the moves within the battle system, which ones are the most effective to use, once you’ve mastered that, then it’s an amazing ride from there!