Rust … prepare to rage quit a lot

After playing 24 hours I will say this will be the most frustrating game you will ever play even compared to games such as Dark Souls.  Rust is an open world survival MMO, created by Garry Newman, the same person who created Garry’s mod, was hoping to make a game that was like a mix between Minecraft and Dayz, and him and his team did it amazingly.  You may join an official server which have about up to hundreds of people playing or community servers that are run by players.  My opinion I love modded servers where the owners can put in their own things inside of the game such as quests or a money service.
My first 15 hours of this game I had ran from server to server trying to progress anywhere in the game but each server has its own memory of you in it so what you do in one will not affect the other.  The reason of me moving to other servers is the pvp aspect of the game.  It is completely killed or be killed, raid or be raided.  You can spend hours on one server building the biggest and baddest of bases, but if you are not on enough to defend it or someone happens to get the right stuff to take down your base while you are off it can be completely raided and everything you have ever gathered can be completely taken away and you may not even find your base again or just not even have the motivation to mine everything up.  But that is also when the game becomes incredible fun, as you can be raided from others and you are trying to negotiate a  way of not having everything taken or they will murder you and steal everything or you can come up with a strategy of getting rid of them.
Aside from the annoying and raging, PVP this game is incredibly fun as you run around gathering rocks and wood to make a huge base, the biggest arsenal of guns and ammo, and the best armor you can find. But be aware for you can find people while exploring and hopefully try not to die, in which even if you had just started in the game like a minute ago someone will kill you they find you which is really a downside but nothing can be done about it.
My adventure of the game became very more enjoyable and fun when one of my friends had created a server and I was among the first to play for I had an upper hand.  I had made one of the biggest and baddest basses and am now one of the most well known bandits of the server and people very much avoid me.
When it comes to the first few hours of the game it can be frustrating definitely but once you get the grasp of the game and start trusting no one you start to understand and begin being the things that have made you so frustrated at the game.  So if you do not mind dieing over and over and finally finding time to become awesome then definitely buy Rust on steam for $19.99.  It is also the top selling game on steam currently which is huge being in competition with Dayz, and Garry also has made 55% of what he had made since Garry’s mod in 9 years.
If I had to give the game a score right now of its current state it would be a 9/10.  Definitely get this game and you will not be disappointed. The game still has somethings to work on but I have a feeling they will fix and add many things in no time.
PS: Along with my adventure of being the biggest player on the server I currently play on I was having a war with another player in another base for we were the only couple of players in two different groups and when I finally found their base I had blown open their door with a lucky finding C4 and completely stolen their base and killed them and they all raged quit and never wanted to play the game for they never knew that could happen so always be aware of what is going on and good luck.