The One Year Challenge

We get Thousands of people who visit us at everyday
and I want you all to stay!!!
sadly I cant Tie people up and keep them so
I am offering a 4th Generation Console with Game to one lucky person, once I reach 2000+ members on the gamingrev forum
so What Are you waiting for JOIN
 How this will work out
Starting 24th Jan 2014 onwards anyone that joins the forum and all active members who joined before this date will be eligble for the prize of a 4th Gen Console
The goals for this have been set 2000+ Members on the forum and the ball will start rolling 🙂
if we exceed the number, depending on by how much a second prize will be added (this will depend on the number)
If we Reach 2000+ Members the winner will be picked in July the earliest (so July 31st GMT +0)