Last night, I sat down with a cold beer and thought to myself, I might play Flower and see what all the fuss is. I was in the mindset that playing a game where you are a flower might be a little dull. Folks, I was wrong, very wrong. It is one hell of an addictive game. The game starts you off as a solitary flower in the ground. Pressing any button will break off a single, solitary petal, you control this petal with the wind as you blow it around the field. Pressing any button ont he controller will make the wind go faster and make exploring that much easier.
This game is controlled by using the Sixaxis motion on your controller. The whole aim of this game is exploration and collection of flowers. Part of why this game is magic is exploring the wonderfully designed area and picking up other petals from the numerous flowers on the ground, you end up becoming this massive colourful chain of petals, flying through the air. The more petals you collect, the more ground you unlock, and the scenery opens up in a big way. Most of the levels you start in are all drab and lifeless, when i collected all the petals from one area, the lush green grass rose up, and I was honestly speechless from the sheer beauty of it all.
Flower is broken up into 6 levels and 1 credits level (very interactive credits level) the nightime levels are especially beautiful when you light up the world and the last level in particular was my favourite, as it involved reinvigorating a lifeless, post Communist looking city. It’s also impossible for you to lose a level or even lose any progress. The worst I copped was when I ran into an electrified power station, I got zapped hardcore, but otherwise I was unscathed and went on my merry way. The game has no enemies or time limits. A single play-through of the game will take about an hour.
I went into this game with not very high expectations and came out with a different point of view on art type games. Flower is very easy to play as long as you are familiar with the Sixaxis feature. The game is absolutely stunning, each level was more beautiful then the previous one. I’d recommend it to anyone who has an hour or so to spare, it’s the perfect game to play on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but trust me, it’s worth an hour of your time.
Final Verdict: 10/10

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