Heavy Rain: PS3

HEAVY RAIN: (2010) PS3
Heavy Rain is a immersive and gripping game with an original storyline. The main thing is: How far would you go to save the one you love?
The game starts off fairly normal: family life; they are celebrating their son’s 10th birthday and his party is being organised. Then suddenly everything changes when their son dies, then later on their second son goes missing one day in the park with his father. The aim is to find out if the origami killer, killed him.
The origami killer is on the loose and has killed up to 9 innocent children, before kidnapping the second boy of the two within the family of the game. As the story progresses, you play as 4 various characters to try and catch the killer by different perspectives, which makes this game even more unique!
The gameplay in Heavy Rain is extremely the same as Beyond Two Souls since both games were produced by Quantic Dream and written by the same author: the amazing David Cage! You get to select what your character does and say by pressing buttons such as: X or O for example.. depending on what you want to happen!
The graphics in this game are absolutely stunning and it’s what makes the game so incredible! You get to investigate the killings, you look at the evidence and any case notes that appear to try and shed some light. This element brings more into the game: you can really get involved and keeps you on the edge of your seat!
There are some bad language and this game is quite hard going so it definitely isn’t for the younger gamers out there, it lives up to it’s 15 certificate!
I have played both of the games: Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls and in my personal opinion. Heavy Rain was a good start to get used to these type of games, but I have to say I preferred Beyond Two Souls: I got more immersed within the story. That’s not saying i’m not enjoying Heavy Rain.
VERDICT: 8/10 Well worth a play to experience it for yourself!