Persona 4 Arena Review

Persona 4 Arena Review (PS3 or XBOX).
I got the PS3 version.
First impressions: I bought this game since I like the style of the Persona games, recently got into them!
Was deeply disappointed with this game though because it is a JRPEG but not your typical type of gaming which you would expect. It’s a Fighting game on the whole so people who are fans of Fighting games will absolutely love this! This is definitely for the niche market- Fighting and Anime mixed in..
If you like fast paced fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken , then you may not like this, since it is fighting with a story to follow as well, there are 12 characters to choose from in which you can choose to fight with.
There is a story mode, this is a great feature for people to play if they are new to the Persona series. You can play through the lives of the 12 characters in the story and really get to know them. The main premise of the story is: they are high school students and participate in a fighting tournament, the visual elements are great: shows them live on TV whilst they fight!
This is a good example of the fighting involved within the game.. at the bottom left and right you can see the gauge.. when the lives keep depleting the gauge goes down. There is also the numbers if you hit them once or twice, depending how critical the hit is. The fighting screen makes me think of the Scott Pilgrim game, the controls are pretty similar. During the battles I took part in, I won all of them!!
You get to see round the school and the various environments where the gang hangs out within the game.
The anime characters and hearing each of their voices was a great element to the game, made you feel like you were watching the TV series at times!
Locations include: Gym, School Hall, Restaurant etc..
There is much more to this game than story mode..
1. Arcade Mode: You get to fight enemies and it gets harder over time
2. Score attack: Battles against some tough opponents, so be on your guard!
3. Training- You can practice your combos against the computer
4. Lesson: This is a good place to start when you begin the game, you can learn all the basics of fighting before you go in the ring. Learn the best combos for your character!
5. Challenge: You can learn your own combos and see what works well together
6. Versus- You can play with your friends 🙂 , or if you are on one player, you can play against the computer
7. Network- There is an online function in this game, you can play against people all over the world!
8. Contents market- You can buy and download DLC’s
9. Replay theatre and gallery mode- Save your battles, and unlock artwork or music!
There is plenty for people to be getting on with in this game, so you definitely won’t feel short changed for your money!
The things I didn’t like in this game: The text wasn’t always voice activated, it was just on the screen and it ruined the game, got a bit infuriating! Also, some of the battles were over too quick!