Review of Chrono Trigger pt2

This is part 2 of my article. I have now completed the game so this is my verdict of the game. It is a real classic and was originally released on the SNES in the 1990s.  At first it took me a while to immerse myself and get used to the game, once I got the jist of the story then it improved. The main guy of the story (Chrono), meets a girl called Marle at the start of the game and they venture through the story and forests together, pretty sweet really!
There is a history element to the time frame- you can travel from Prehistoric times and then go back to the Future.
The game play is an Active Time Battle system, when the gauge has fully charged then it is your turn to strike! There is over 50 moves in which you can learn throughout your journey. The moves that I mainly used throughout my journey were: Fire Blast and also Freeze to stun the opponent for a short time so they cannot fight back straight away. Those two moves are just my personal preference.
The forest, towns and dungeons are the main points you visit in the game. I loved levelling up my characters and making them strong with learning some great moves!
Chrono Trigger is acclaimed as one of the greatest games of all times with it’s storyline, and I do have to say it is pretty unique! It has elements of the Classic Final Fantasy game as well, so if you are a Final Fantasy fan, definitely check out this game!