A Programme Like No Other!

This article will be based on the Japanese and how Gaming has taken over their lives. I watched a documentary a few weeks ago about how birth rates in Japan are declining due to people having “virtual” boyfriends and girlfriends as opposed to the real thing.
The Nintendo game Love Plus ( only released in Japan it seems), is a virtual online world where people are dating each other via a virtual sim like character. People actually feel like their relationships are real- personally for me that wouldn’t suffice. The presenter of this show- Anita Rani actually gets to meet their partners in the game.  Things like this could only happen in Japan. These people play as teenagers but in actual fact are in their mid-30′s- man up Japan!!
Anita visits the Manga world of Japan which shows all the Manga comics and games ( I would sure love to go! ).
I really enjoyed the program to see an insight into a totally different gaming world and culture to our own in the USA and the UK.
Just thought this would be something of interest to you since it is a new revelation in Japanese Gaming.