Chrono Trigger: A Review

Chrono Trigger is an immense RPG filled with plenty of fun quests. The great thing about this game is it is a pretty rare game and is also from the makers who created Final Fantasy and Dragon quest ( you will see similarities between them).
Chrono Trigger is reminiscent of the classic Final Fantasy 1 on the GBA, it follows the same system in battle and also the way the world is set out. The main premise of the story is: Chrono is the main guy of the game and he encounters people on the way who join him in fighting terrible monsters which  lurk in the land!
Once you start playing this game you will really feel like it is worth your time and money since there will be plenty of things to encounter on the way. I always suggest to try and level up as soon as you get chance, I like to be nice and strong so the monsters don’t get me too easily. I looked up reviews on Amazon before purchasing this game.. 99% of the reviews were positive so I decided to order a copy and so far i’m not disappointed!
I have only recently started playing the game.. once you start you get thrown into a mission to find the Queen and rescue her.. at first a baddie tricks you into believing it’s them but you fight them and realise she was lying, so off you go with your crew to find the real queen.. once you do victory is gained! Hallelujah!
Within that first main mission you level up quite a bit which is also a bonus!
You will love this game if you love playing the Classic RPG’S
If you are looking for a game with excellent graphics then you will be slightly disappointed!
This game doesn’t need excellent graphics because the plot and the gameplay overrides that by a mile!
BY: Dorit-Samantha Vaknine