2014 New Year of Gaming
Its been a while since I wrote an article or anything that is, so I thought I would talk about the Latest Generation of Gaming and the current generation of Gamers and how they affect the gaming landscape that we are in.
Last year we saw the launch of Two new Platforms and the release of new addition to the living room coming in the form of Linux based platform by Steam with their steam Box.
As Platforms go Microsoft and Sony have released two beasts onto the gaming community with the great potential, with this developers have more graphics power and computing power to develop and produce great games this year.
Steam isn’t really bringing in anything new to the table when it comes to gaming as their PC is basically a PC for the living room designed for gaming so how this will go with casual gamers in my opinion isn’t that high as I don’t see casuals spending £500+ on a console which is a miniaturised PC.
Their  haptic controller for the Steam Box looks like a great idea and sold individually I can see great potential for it in the PC gaming Market for those that like switching between Keyboard and controller.
Playstation 4 2014 Update
Sony Have announced a new service for a gamers on the Playstation 4 and its predecessors
“Tokyo, January 8, 2014 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that “PlayStation™Now” (PS Now), the company’s streaming game service that leverages cloud-based technology, will become officially available in the United States this summer. PS Now will deliver a variety of popular PlayStation®3 (PS3™) game titles*1 first on PlayStation®4 (PS4™) and PS3 systems, followed by the PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) system.
In addition to PlayStation platforms, most 2014 U.S. models of Sony’s BRAVIA® TV*2 lineup will support PS Now. Eventually the service will expand beyond PlayStation platforms and Sony devices, allowing users to stream PlayStation games on numerous other Internet-connected devices.
SCE’s vision for PS Now is to enable users to instantly enjoy a wide range of full games on the Internet-connected consumer electronics devices they use every day. The accessibility of PS Now means, for example, that PS4 users in the living room can continue playing a game on a PS3 system in their bedroom. Or PS Vita users can enjoy instant access to a game wherever there’s Wi-Fi connectivity, such as outdoors, then can switch to a supporting BRAVIA® TV’s big screen and play the same game after arriving home.

This news will one step Microsoft who haven’t got anything in place currently for the Xbox one and the library of games from its predecessors which gamers can only play if they have a Xbox 360 connected to their TV or through their Xbox one to play their older library.
This is a great new addition by Sony since they launched a Skelton system with really Basic functions at launch with minimal services compared to its competitor launched by Microsoft with the Xbox one which came with an array of features which overshadowed the Playstation 4.
Now Sony have not said if this service will be an addition to the Playstation+ service where users can access games access the games through the subscription service for free or through purchase of games online.
Gaming This year should be interesting to see how Developers and publishers use the latest generation of consoles to develop new games and use their game engines to the fullest to produce some kick ass games.
Here is to 2014 and The Gaming ahead of us!!!