Ring Runner: Review

After spending five years in very outer space the ambitious title Ring Runner has finally been caught in the orbit of gamers. But, is this a title captains should consider bring closer with a Tractor beam? I hate to say it but no, Ring Runner is one straggler that doesn’t deserve to join the crew of anyone. While players would benefit from the many talent of Ring Runner they would also be betrayed by those talents as well. Any good captain knows the key to surviving in space is taking risk but the best Captains know that Ring Runner isn’t risk worth taking.
After waking up from brain surgery you’re greeted by a talking voice inside your head, and no you’re not crazy; at least not in the game. The voice, Nero, then explains you must escape quickly for both of your sakes because the ship you are on is about to blow up. Finally Nero teaches you the basic of flying a ship while helping you find your way to safety. Ring runner has includes twenty house of story and the rest of the unspoiled never has a dull moment. Interestingly even though you’re never interacting with characters outside of ships the characters all have wonderful personalities. I was also impressed with great humor in the dialogue. The humor always came at the right time so the story felt like it was being dragged out. Ring Runner defiantly has the best story so far this year. Unfortunately the missions that go along with the story are dreadfully repetitive and because of the repetitiveness players are likely not going to want to see the whole story through.
The gameplay its self is completely broken.  The environments really drift players off into an out space universe and were a spectacular sight but it was impossible to tell obstacles from backgrounds both within the story and multiplayer modes. Multiplayer has Death Match mode and Spin Battle mode but I never found anyone to play with. The controls themselves are painful to learn and painful to master and rebinding didn’t help any what so ever. The best part about the gameplay was all the customization players have that the ends of their fingertips. In addition to having the choice of choosing from sixty-five different ship players are also able to equip to with a variety of weapons and engines. However players start with no customization options at all the beginning and everything has to be researched, which can take SEVERAL hours.
“ Bigger is always better” I often hear people say a lot but in Ring Runner’s case bigger just expose it’s many weakness in bigger ways. I don’t believe ring runner is worth the 14.99$ currently but the game does receive updates regularly so I do believe one day it could have a successful launch but until major changes are made Ring Runner will only crash and burn.

Score: 2/10