Cube World: First Impressions

Cube World 1
Bulbs, genius inventions that help us see other genius in a variety of place and different ways. Many of them though eventually burnout over time and that is exactly what Picroma’s Cube World is, a burnout light bulb. And, before you pull out those giant wads of crash think about this; Cube World isn’t your ordinary light bulb. What do I mean by this? Well a normal bulb can be easy replaced by a quick trip to the hard ware store. Cube World however, is a video game light bulb and once these type of light bulbs are purchased they can’t be replaced and its almost impossible to get their full value back in cash. So before I tell you why you should buy into the potential of this game let me first say this alpha isn’t the 20$.
Cube World 2
My reasoning behind claiming Cube World is a video game light bulb isn’t a hard reason to wrap your head around. Cube World is a genius idea made up of other genius ideas I would like to see in other games. None of which can be seen in the character creation screen but those of who took off with the idea of landing in a world where even the character looks identical to the ones in Mine Craft are going to have a rocky landing. During Character Creation player will be choose one of the eight races( human, elves, dwarves, goblins, lizardman, orces, undead, frogman) and one of the four classes( rouge, mage, warrior, ranger). I’m most excited to say more classes are on the way but more races will also be in future Cube World updates. Players will also have fun choosing what face and hair they want for their characters and each races has its own set of hair styles and facial expressions. It’s not uncommon for players to be given so many character customization options at the beginning but most of these type of games don’t. Usually with these type of games I just type a name without even bothering to do too much searching. However, in this game every option looked fabulous and players will find more themselves saying “ I would wear that, that, that,…” and so on. And, who knew voxel characters could look so cool? I didn’t.
Cube World 3
Did he really just mention mind craft, well that’s a red flag right there. I can truthfully say we I found out this game was inspired by Mine Craft I didn’t have a thought like this but I can see why the thought exist. The original is always better yet there are thousands of clones out there trying to have Mine Craft’s title. With Cube World though only the environments are inspired by mine craft. Currently players can only roam around the Grass Lands, Snow Lands, Deserts, Jungles, Lava Lands, and Oceans but I loved every step I took through Cube World. If you’re like me due to the beauty of the world you’ll also often forget what you were doing because you spent too much time on mountains staring at the views. The best part about the environments though is they are infinite and there aren’t any borders. Meaning players will always be able to travel somewhere new and climb every tree insight. While there is so much to love about the environments I did on rare occasions myself running across a block there didn’t exist and some blocks in funky positions.
The other games that inspire Cube world besides Mine Craft are Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, World of War Craft, and Diablo. Every classes plays very differently but well with the same controls. Players will have the basic attack of their weapon bound to left click of their mouse and that weapon’s special ability abound to the right click of their mouse. Buttons 1-4 are also used as hot key for class related abilities. The combat is engaging enough to make me feel like I was truly the class I was playing. One of the things I love most about the combat is the fact that when you equip a new weapon you gain new abilities that are only unique to that weapon. For example, when I unequipped my bow an equipped my boomerang my special ability went from rapid fire arrows to throwing two boomerangs. It was also great to see that not only do the monsters have different personalities but so do the NPCs. Some NPCs will talk to you and help you fight monsters while others will hunt you for as long as possible. The only real problem with the combat is that players don’t have any great way of controlling the crowds of enemies that will come at them but in future updates they will be added.
While the combat and adventuring are great so far the actual rpg elements are currently borderline. Cube World does have randomly generated quest but those haven’t been added to the game yet. Instead, players current only do daily mission that occur within in the game. Basically daily mission have players going to a certain area and kill dungeon master. The crafting is good so far but I found myself quickly getting tired of only being reward for killing monsters and began wondering why I was exploring the un-compelling world.
Cube World does have multiplayer feature and even gives players the tools to set up a sever on their own but I doubt players will always be able to play with their friends. Regardless though there are some interesting ideas in this world. I understand completely the game is in alpha so of course it will become better over time. I Just don’t believe game with holes inside such a crucial element of it game deserves a 20$ Alpha.