Browse it: Fallen World Edition

Personally pc is my favorite gaming consoles because unlike Xbox and ps3 when I don’t like any of the published games coming out I can hope of the web and instantly play something new in my browser. Everyday billions of new browser games pop us however many of them never see life out of the shadows. So in order to help browser games know see more of the world I have brought one into the day light for games to see.
Title: Fallen World
Genre:  Strategy, Tower defense, roleplaying
Where to play: Fallen World, desura( July 18)
Review: Zombies don’t exist. Furthermore there isn’t any evidence that suggest their kind will brace us with their presence anytime soon in the future. Does that mean a post-apocalyptic world is something out of question for the near future as well? Most defiantly not, rather you want to think about it or not technology could easily be humanity’s down fall tomorrow. So if you’re more concerned about receiving an imaginary bite from an imaginary creature than you are about your car driving you to death, instead of in the direction you turned the wheel, then you might want to consider a reality check. And, if being driven to your death isn’t enough to crash you back into reality there are tons of other ways technology could be humanity’s down fall. One way is total annihilation and for those gamers who don’t know what I mean Kuroato Media’s Fallen World could be exactly what you need to understand. But will you, will you understand and enjoy yourself in the process? It’s time to findout.
In the opening cut scene of the game players will watch a solider walk into the quarter of Kuro, a cyborg ninja. The solider bring along with himself Ai and informs Kuro that the machine army has breach their hideout. He also tells Kuro that Ai is the young cyborg that holds the key to ending the war with the machines, Ai bears the virus that can destroy the machine’s network. Finally he tells them that the virus must make it to the Machine’s main-frame but the soldiers can’t do it alone. After the final word leave the soilder mouth an alarm doom through the room along with “ ALERT BASE DEFENSES HAVE BEEN BRECHED”. Then Kuro walk out the door and the battle begins. Even though I was highly impressed with the opening the rest of the story was a disappoint because their literally wasn’t anymore dialog or cut scenes in the game except for at the end of the game. I was looking forward to knowing more because unlike most Tower defense games this game is supposed to be story driven. I wish knew why Kuroato Media’s didn’t go more in depth about this story because I don’t believe it would be too hard to put a cut scene at the beginning of each new stage like they have done with the first level. It would have been nice to see some flash backs of what the world looked like before it became fallen. Having more insight as to why Kuro  begin fight alongside human race would have also been nice. Regardless though the opening setting was worth the watch and Kuro did a great job portraying a ninja as he sat there looking cool and clam up to the point of the alert. One important thing players should know about the story is that it was supposed  to be inspired but cyberpunk anime in addition to the films Terminator, Appleseed, and The Matrix Series. So I believe the story would have had a good chance of soaring into something original and integrating. But did it trying spreading its wings, no. It’s sad but this game can be forgiven for showing nothing more than a generic story.
Other things a person must have to be a ninja is swiftness and intelligence. As a Tower Defense game Fallen World also require these elements if players want to be successful. Which, is made easier to do thanks to the smooth and easy controls. A short but sweet tutorial will teach players just to use the mouse to eliminate their enemies. The goal of Each stage is to protect Ai from the wave of machine armies. Some will come at you with swords, guns, flame throwers, and some will even come at you with nothing but their brute strength and tankyness. In order to defeat them player will run around the map left clicking in order to place a solider and right clicking in order to place a turret. When players are close up on enemies they will auto attack them or preform a special attack when they press the middle button on the mouse. The combat fluidly captures the feeling of war quite nicely however there were a few times when the combat became hectic in a bad way. There were times I was frantically running around looking for my units because so many enemies were on the map during that current time. This shouldn’t turn player away from the game because it a problem that occur once in a blue moon. The major problem with the combat is the fact that through the rest of the game it will begin to feel a little repetitive because there are no more units to unlock. I do think though that thanks to the rpg upgrade elements most people will be able to look past the fact that they are going to spend the whole game only summoning more solider and placing more turrets.
When not in combat players spend the rest of their time on the  over world map where they can select the next level they want to play or choose to dive into the upgrade area of the game. In the upgrade area players will be able to upgrade the toughness of their soldiers and the fire power of the turrets. They will also be able to upgrade passive skills for Kuro such as his speed, power, and cleave. Upgrading Kuro passive are fine the way they are but I would have liked to have been reward more when I upgraded my solider and turrets. Unfortunately upgrading means grinding previous levels which wouldn’t feel exhausting if this an normal tower defense game. But, since this is more of an action tower defense game players won’t be able to place a few units the sit back and relax while the units do the rest of the work. I honestly doubt players will have to spend much time in the upgrade area of the game when play the normal mode but those who do will be happy to know the experience the gain from playing previous levels is very rewarding so they won’t have to replay a level too many times in order to achieve enough experience for the upgrade they want. Over all I would have liked to have had more customization options in the upgrade area of the game but I’m glad it exist. I also think that it may not be fantastic rpg elements but Fallen World can defiantly call itself a rpg tower defense.
Graphics shouldn’t make or break a game unless they hinder the mechanics of their games so when I say that the worst problems with the game are the environments you should also know is just another minor complaint. Map variety is a core element in most tower defense game but I guess   Kuroato Media didn’t feel that core element applied to their game, because every level is the exact same shape and size as the previous. Many levels also quite similar in appearance but the 3D cell shade game looks quite gorgeous for a gameplay in a browser. It was also highly impressive because most browser games are 2D or pixelated.
Fallen World is one of the tower defense games on the browser if not the best. Anyone looking for a new Tower Defense game should give this game a try since it’s free to play. And players will be thankful they don’t have the brain power of a supercomputer because Fallen World is a ravaged world that they will want their brain to happily process slowly.  So at the end of the day Fallen World may not make robots a whole lot scarier than imaginary zombies but they are a force to be reckoned with. The strange thing is you’ll want to reckon with these forces.

Score: 8.9/10