boderlands and borderlands 2 review

Hello my names Luke and I am here to do another major spook review this time on gearbox rps borderlands and the sequel borderlands 2 which is available on Xbox 360, PC and ps3.
Grab your camera get your clothes packed and put you sun tan on your ready for the holiday of a life time Pandora  your get to meet new people explore loads of locations and more lets go
Game start up
Ok  so the game starts you off with choosing 4 vault hunters the first game was brick (Berserker) Lilith (siren) Mordecai (hunter) and Roland (Soldier) while the second game saw  you pick Salvador (Gunzerker) Maya (siren) Axton (commando) and Zero (assassin) each have a different power  i.e. Axton can deploy a turret while zero can deploy a hologram. Each character can level up to 50 with the dlc 61 while in the first you could go up to 69 and a skill tree that can be filled by level up
The four original vault hunters made an appearance in borderlands 2 as npcs. In borderlands 2 there was two added vault hunters Gaige (mecromancer ) who can deploy a death machine she was included in the season pass and various game editions and Krieg a (psycho) who deals great melee damage cost 800 ms points but is reduced on the market place atm.
Characters In the game you will meet loads of npcs and talk to them for quests or main game they include
Borderlands:  Marcus claptrap scooter angel moxxi dr Ned. Borderland 2 saw all of the above including scooters sister Elle angel evil dad handsome jack and the tiny Tina all with different personalities some getting their own dlcs, some are connected  and some are  there just for laughs Marcus was the story teller for the game this is only a few there are loads who appear.
aim of the game is to go after the vault  which is filled with advanced alien weapons technology in the first game its was taken over by the Atlas Corporation and in the second one it was handsome jack each with different story lines and quests you can expand you game with dlc.
The game could be played with 4 people online
Borderlands was filled with loads of locations including new haven moxxis under dome and sanctuary in the second game you could get xp for discovering them on the map.
Guns have different manufactures do different things and some are more powerful they can be found in loot chests vending machines and brought of Marcus enemies also drop weapons also shift codes also help get rare weapons.
The game featured loads of Easter eggs and skins to go with them they include lord of the rings Scooby doo batman plus more each gave you skins for your character
Don’t worry you won’t need to walk catchhhhhhhhhhh a ride with scooter   
Three vending machines can be found around which ammo, weapons, health and shields
Verdict is 10/10 with hours of game play and lots of fun this is a must buy