Bleed: Review

If I had to use my own body to count the numbers of times I’ve heard a person say “big things come in small packages” toe and fingers would simply not be enough. For years people have applied the cliché saying to many areas in reality that I would full agree with them about. On the flipside however, there are areas as well that I wished more people would apply the saying to. One of these areas is indie development, which countless titles have proven the say true; Mine craft and Terraria included. And, when I saw Bleed by Bootdisk Revolution I had hope that this game would help my dream, of seeing more people recognize the big things that come from these small groups, come true. How many dreams actually come true though?
Luckily for Wryn as long as your will to help her dream of becoming the ultimate videogame her hero of all time can come true. Players will find out that the year 20XX was the age of hero but in the current year 21XX no new hero has been introduced for a hundred years. These two bits of information are the most serious part of the story while the rest doesn’t take itself seriously. Unfortunately the rest of the story isn’t seriously funny either. Bleed is the first game to make me super thankful for the ability to skip because I’ve never seen a cheesier storyline. It won’t take players long to notice the story wasn’t created by comedian but you should just save yourself sometime and skip it all. Funny is getting harder and hard to come by these days so for this reason creating none serious stories will always just get riskier.
Sadly, the gameplay as well is a disappointment. In a nutshell Bleed is a remix of school shooting platformers. The game play is most similar to Mega Man. Players play though seven levels blasting enemies, fighting bosses, and dodging obstacles.  Bootdisk Revolution has done an outstanding job using the old school formula to set the foundation of Bleed. For example most old school shooting platforms have easy bosses that are rigged with levels that make them almost impossible to get to. In bleed not only are the levels hard the finish but bosses are also incredibly hard to fight on par with. What makes the gameplay of Bleed boring is some of its own original ideas. Bleed has a core slowdown mechanic that players will have to use excessively throughout the game. What is bad about this mechanic  is has limitations that levels don’t do the best job of staying within. As a result the slowdown mechanic is a core crutch that isn’t always there to help players walk. The weapons also leave a lot to be desired because while bleed has a large arsenal for players to use no weapon beside the default pistol and rocket launcher feels effective enough against enemies.
Bleed may not have satisfied my need to see a good story and feel great gameplay but the game did drop me into worlds that about looked and sounded spectacular. Each level  portrayed the 16 bit  inspiration perfectly. In addition to no two level looking remotely the same each level had the own unique puzzle-like twist to it. I also may have gotten tired of shooting them but cutie and deadly monsters within these levels were always a fun sight to see.
Beside the story mode an arcade mode and challenge mode can be played for replay ability but I highly the game will keep many players attention long enough for them to want to attempt engaging in those other modes. My definition of a bad game is one that has completely broken mechanic so that being said Bleed doesn’t fit into that category. At the same time though there are many game out there that does what Bleed does better. If you already own a game similar to this game I wouldn’t recommend this to you but for those others Bleed a risky 4.99$

Score: 5.5/10