Access Granted or Denied: Akaneiro Edition

I’m sure having some part on game development has come across the minds of every gamer once in his or her life time. So for many Kickstarter is a great way for gamer to contribute their part to video game development. Another good less known way is Steam’s new Early Access program that allow players to buy a game and immediately have access to the games. Because its new many gamer not know which games to consider giving their time and money. But worry not any longer because I’ve taken the time to look at one particular game in order to help you decided.
Title: Akaneiro: Demon Hunters
Genre: roleplaying, action, indie
Planed Features: Areas 7&8, crafting, and co-op.
Early Access price: 9.99
First Impressions: Besides food, water, shelter, and clothing reading is also something I would include on a list of basic necessities. Why? The answer is quite simple actually, because it’s one of those activities a person could rarely go day without and most defiantly couldn’t go a week without it. However, many people (including myself) have missed out on some of the greatest stories a person will read during their early lives since we hated reading back then. Most of these people that hated or still hate reading dislike it due to not wanting to be told what to read as a child. As a result people who hate reading can mainly only remember the title of the books that were forcefully burned into their skulls. But, even those passionate readers eventually forget titles they have experienced as the sands of time dwindle. Fairytales though, rather they were read by a hater or book worm will always be exceptional titles that will never be long forgotten. Fairytales are cockroaches because no matter how many times they are mushed into a form of entertainment they always find a way to make a bigger comeback.
American McGee’s Alice caused fairytales to have spectacular entrance to the gaming universe when it was released on pc in 2000. And, in 2011 thanks to the help of independent developer Spicy Horse fairytales had an even bigger comeback with the release of Alice: Madness Returns. Fast forward two years and once again Spicy Hose is coming to the aid of fairytales with Little Red Riding hood instead of re-visiting Alice. But will this change be the little change that awards fairytales with another bigger and better comeback? Or will this little change be the change to unleash a big bad wolf?
One area that most action rpgs such as Diablo, Torchlight, and Marvel Heroes suffer the most in these types of games is the storytelling. Since there’re supposed to be action focused most of these type of games use the same basic formula for the stories, a very linear storyline. So a player might believe this is why the story in Akaneiro is presented in this fashion. The truth though, is Akaneiro has a major issue with its story because it doesn’t make enough of an effort to tell its very none-linear story. Think about it; does a story that meshes fairytales with Japanese folk tales sound like if would be linear? The bulk of where players will get the story told to them is during the tutorial. Which, players basically only learn the name of the demons they are fighting. The also told the story though the level objectives themselves and the player’s character. Sadly though the level objectives don’t tell players anything more than that the demons are in that particular area. Player’s will also be disappointed that their character doesn’t interact with other characters. So their characters spontaneously talk to themselves while stating the obvious while on quest. Ultimately the story currently leaves a lot to be desired and will leave players asking who, what, when, where, and why often.
The story may not have been exciting to explore but the environment deserves a large round of applause. The levels that are split up between eight different areas will do great job of making players will as though they are part of the Japanese culture. The unique dark themed cell shaded graphics really makes the 2D art style pop in a beautiful way. To make things even better each level is overflows with a variety of hideous looking creatures. This game literally has hordes of every creature I would want to see in a hunting house; deadly trees and scary samurai wolves included!
Akaneiro being on Early Access shows that the game is far from finished. That being said that particular fact is very important to consider when looking at the combat. The combat does a great job of looking good but doesn’t feel as great. The two major issues with the combat are the difficulty scaling and the loot. All the levels have a recommended that tell players what level that should attempt it at but I actually found that most levels can easily be completed while under level. As for the loot when it comes to amour all the new amour players obtain from levels is worth taking the time to look through. However it’s very hard to find new weapons that deal more damage than your weapons you already own from previous levels. On the plus side, Players are able to customize their character with every skill and combat item in the game if they have a high enough skill leave.
Access Denied or granted: Granted
Final thoughts: Akaneiro: Demon Hunters isn’t what currently what aims to be but it defiantly knows what it wants to be. For 9.99 it worth checking out this good looking skeleton that just needs to get some meat on its bones.