Cranky Cat: Review

Cranky Cat Screenshot A
Everyone handles stress in different ways and besides Tony Stark I don’t know any else who relieves themselves of stress by making machine after machine. However when I stumbled upon March Entertainment’s Cranky Cat I was shocked to find out the only other person that creates machines under stress isn’t a person at all, but in fact a cat. For a cat its creations were highly impressive but I bet your wondering what kind of machines a cat, better yet a cranky one, could invent when the light bulb inside its head fliped on. So without further ado let have a look inside one.
The story takes place inside a steam punk world where gamers will play the apprentice of Roscoe J. Fluffington III (A.k.A the Cranky Cat). Roscoe once lived the good in New York as the coolest and most famous cat around. Unfortunately though, time and having one too many lollipops took a drastic toll on his career. So in order to restore his fame and fortune Roscoe has built a maniacal machine to restore his youth and beauty. But in order to operate it he’ll need the help of his apprentice, gamers. This story is told through vivid motion comics. Each hand drawn scene portrays what Roscoe is seeing and feeling extremely well. Both the dialogue and a voice of the narrator also impact the story in a huge way by complementing each other well and making the world around Roscoe sound steam punkish. Steam punk fans should enjoy this love letter to them.
Players will be given three out of the eight motion comics with the task of firing up the machine if they wish to unlock the others. There are three games plays can choose to fire up when they turn on the machine and while each has a slight different spin on the mechanic they all use a variation of the Bust-A-Move game mechanics. Cranky Cat is a 360-Bust-A-Move. In Cranky Cast instead of firing colors at matches of matching color players will spin the colors around to match them inside a clock background. This change is a very different but also very simple mechanic to get the hang of.
Puzzle mode is defiantly a mode players should check out when they have learned the mechanics of the game. In puzzle mode players have just one chance to get the puzzle right and if they screw up they start from the beginning. Players will be happy to know that just as the story mode there a five parts and a bones part that each contains twenty-four levels for them to play through. Unfortunately players won’t be happy to know it suffers from the same difficult issue that the story mode does but because of the “one chance” aspect to it the puzzle mode suffers to a much milder extent. From start to finish puzzle mode is as tough as nails and players will find those levels that are a pain in their sides but players will enjoy the pain.
Infinite mode is supposed to give players an infinite fun to replay and it has the right goal.
What it doesn’t have the right plan for reaching that goal. I found each of the three modes infinite mode has to over to be infinitely boring but not dreadful. Infinite mode is one of those thing that players will either love or hate for what it is.
Regardless though if Roscoe J. Fluffington III doesn’t once again become famous from his youth and beauty this machine will make him famous. For just 2.99$ players can become the apprentice of this mad genius and I would highly recommend it because not every idea in the game is genius but Cranky Cat is still something extraordinary.

Score: 7.1/10