Ubisoft E3

Ubisoft opened up with something new lead guitarist from Alice in Chains Jerry Cantrel came out and started playing a guitar playing one of their recorded songs to introduce the new Rocksmith 2014 addition. apparently you can choose to play with a virtual band and they will react with how you play called session mode coming this October.  And hosting the Ubisoft conference this year is the same host from last year Aisha Tyler.
Next game was Splinter Cell Blacklist showing what seems like a trailer for the game along with what looks like clips of the co-op play.  Next game right after that is the trailer for Rayman Legends showing a girl who has a flying hat and an axe saving Rayman and what looks like going through different dimensions using pictures and then showing actual gameplay trailer as it looks like the previous one.
A new game called the Mighty Quest of Loot sounds really great to play.  You have basically a castle full of traps to protect your treasure as other players come to your place and try to steal their treasure and you can do that to others as you play other heroes in which is an MMO that you can open beta test right now. One game that I have been excited for is South Park Stick of Truth taking the show and adding an RPG feel in what seems like a story line that is like Lord of the Rings.
CEO of Ubisoft came up to talk about the future consoles and their next gen games.  Their first next gen game is a new racer called The Crew that seems to be an open world racing game and uses the same concept as Watch Dogs in which if you are online you will run into different players as you play and has shown that you can take apart your whole car and make it how you want to make it. The game will even have co-op driving missions as you try to take down big tanked cars. You can even customize your car on the tablet and play as soon as you are done creating your car.
Now for Watch Dogs one of the games that is already considered a next gen game and I have been so excited about. It starts with a trailer showing how the main character is a vigilante and the graphics of the trailer looking almost life like, showing him following a man who has done human trafficking and when he gives the cops to him the main character posts that he is watching the man and says why he is to be arrested.
Then Just Dance 2014 is announced which doesn’t look very different from the other games other than being wii u integrated as the person who controls the wii u remote and choose posses for you to do. Also Rabbids Invasion based  on the Raving Rabbids games it is now a show from nickelodeon and you can even play with them on your TV screen  as you watch the show using your Xbox One as apparently you can tell the character to turn around. It seems like as you watch the show you can choose missions for you character for the example they had shown in the show someone threw and egg and they started having an egg fight and you can then participate in it and start throwing them your selves.
Next they decide to show some Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag showing a brand new trailer showing a bar fight to what seemed to be a distraction as he was out to assassinate someone.  After the trailer a man from the team that has been working on the game promises to be one of the most ambitious open world game. And right after they ubisoft shows a trailer for Trials Fusion for the next generation and an exclusive Trials for mobile devices called Trials Frontier.
Before they ended the show they had one more thing to show off and it was ubisoft’s new online open world RPG of what seems to be an apocalyptic by Massive Entertainment in which looks amazing.  When you are looking at your map it forms under you as you look through town and you management system to get to your inventory or map is a watch.  And as you are playing with your friends it seems as though you can play a drone on the tablet to help your group out. The game is called The Division and is based on the Tom Clancy  series.  And as you are playing with your group of friends you can run into another group of players and battle against there.
Ubisoft was alright this year since they had shown only 2 new games with different IPs this year but they were 2 really good looking games and I was not disappointed and with Watch Dogs looking so much fun I am excited.